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10 Red Flags You Will Probably Come Across on Dating Apps

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Texas chapter.

After being single for 4 months and leaving a toxic relationship, it is a necessity to remember this one fact: normalize dropping them after the FIRST red flag

One bored, lonesome night I made a decision that would change my perspective on men forever. 

I downloaded Tinder. 

After creating my profile I started using Tinder as if it was a game, a frenzy of swiping left, which was especially entertaining and for all the wrong reasons. 

Besides the sexually driven, mildly insulting (and very very cringe) “pickup lines” plus the numerous shirtless pictures of short men overcompensating by adding muscle onto their bodies, here are 10 red flags I have noticed in dating apps.

Number 1

If he has more than one picture of his pet (only the pet is in the picture). Bonus points if he has pictures of the multiple cats he has. In addition, if he refers to his pet as “baby,” within 5 minutes of chatting… red flag. He will spend significantly more time with his pets than he will with you. 

Number 2

If he has absolutely no pictures of his full face in good lighting… red flag. I find that poorly lit selfies correlate with poor hygiene. A pixelated face in a dark room leads me to believe that perhaps he is, well, a catfish.

Number 3

If the pictures of himself are all with some sort of filter or snapchat filter… red flag. I already have a preconceived notion on what their personality is like, and I can tell you it’s unsavory.

Number 4

If he has a picture of him with his car or just a picture of his modified Honda Civic… red flag. He will no doubt bring up his car in every conversation and how expensive it was for him to “mod” it. The chances that he will treat that car with more respect than you are high. 

Number 5

If he has pictures of him hunting and or fishing, smiling with this fresh kill… red flag. I’m sorry but women do not prefer to see this “hobby.”

Number 6

If he has videos of him smiling just staring into the camera… red flag. If a man looks especially good in a random video of himself, he most likely knows he is Attractive (with a capital A for Arrogant too). 

Number 7

If he has videos or pictures of him vaping and or smoking… red flag. For some reason this feels more like a second date type of “skill” you expose.

Number 8

If his first picture is a shirtless picture of his washboard abs… potential red flag. Just wait when men find out that the majority of women actually do not care what their body looks like. Save the shirtless pictures for last, that way I can believe that he has a nice personality.

Number 9

If the majority of his photos are fully clothed mirror pictures… red flag. He may be a hermit/gamer. Bonus points if his PC is in the background.

Number 10

If he has pictures of him and some other beautiful girl (bonus points if it’s multiple girls)… red flag. Do I even need to explain this?

If you are looking for a serious relationship and find any of these red flags, drop him. Hate to break it to you but he is not emotionally available and is probably an Aquarius.

Amelia is a freshman at UT Austin and is studying Youth and Community Studies with a minor in Educational Psychology!