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Spring Semester- COVID Edition

As the holidays and break come to an end, here we are again for another semester. The first day of school jitters seem to kick in and the curiosity of how the year is going to be. It is exciting and takes a lot of preparation. As a senior I recommend developing these habits quickly to enhance your education and learning skills.

  1. Get yourself a planner. Prepping you schedule immediately can help you execute your routine efficiently and organization overall.
  2. Review the lecture again 15 minutes after class. This will help your brain come to a summary of what you had learned for the day and recall events remembering happening that were critical.
  3. Make yourself healthy snacks so in between classes you are restored with energy and benefiting your body with the right nutrients.
  4. Keep an open mind, the first couple of weeks will be a little confusing and different as you are learning to adjust to the new schedule. But be patient and do not get discouraged.

College is difficult and can be a pressing time on anybody especially with a pandemic going on. But having faith in yourself and restoring your focus on the positive things will drive you and help you graduate. Make this semester your best and know what your purpose is.

Hello, my name is Cynthia Juarez. I am a petroleum engineering major at UTPB looking to branch out more. I am the Campus Correspondent for HC at UTPB and treasurer of TSPE. I am social, eager, and optimisitic in anything that comes my way.
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