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Watch out Boyfriends, it’s April Fools Day!

The origin of April Fool’s Day is widely disputed, but one thing we can all agree on is that everyone loves a good prank. As we all know, girls, sometimes our boyfriends can get a little complacent or comfortable, and when that times comes, a prank is in order! Maybe they don’t show the appreciation for you that they once did, or maybe they stopped doing all the those thoughtful, sweet surprises for you, or maybe you just are feeling sneaky and want to stick to him. Either way, here are some easy pranks to put that boyfriend in line.

Non-Smoking, Please: If your boyfriend has that bad habit of smoking cigarettes, either when drinking or sober, and you’re ready for him to quit, here’s a funny way to get his attention. Rub all the filter ends of the cigs with Orajel or some sort of numbing ointment. Once they dry and he lights up, his mouth be numb! This will make him kind of enjoy smoking more, or scare him into quitting.

H2O? No!: Now maybe others don’t run into this issue, but I personally cannot stand it when people do not refill the Brita filter after they enjoy a nice, cold glass of water. This leaves the next person (usually me) with a bone-dry filter and mouth like the Sahara. Go down to University Liquors, get a fifth of something nasty like Taaka, pour it into the pitcher and let it get nice and chilled. When your boyfriend comes back in from working out or playing in an intramural football game and he goes for a cold glass of water, he’ll be shocked when it’s really a glass of below-average vodka. This will teach him to always be kind and rewind…or refill.

Saran Seat: If you live with a group of girls, and your boyfriend comes over frequently and leaves the toilet seat up, that can lead to a problem. Girls who live with girls usually assume the seat will be down and red-ta-goh for them. Then they are shocked with they innocently fall in the bowl. Take some Saran Wrap, cover the bowl, and let him rip. He will inevitably get splashed, and at the very least, he’ll always remember this when he’s at your house…put the toilet seat down!

You’ve made the bed you lie in: Perhaps your boyfriend is a cover-hog, and we all know there’s nothing worse, or maybe he never makes the bed and that drives you crazy. A quick way to make a statement is to flip the mattress and box spring. While your boyfriend is taking a shower, rip off his sheets, put the box spring on top of the mattress and remake the bed. When he runs and jumps into bed that night, the resistance will be alarming! Simply laugh and say, “April Fool’s. Don’t hog the covers tonight, please.”

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