School's Almost Out For the Summer: Finals Playlist 2012

 For me personally, this is last last week of school I’ll ever have, but for others it’s equally as sweet. This time of year is filled with excitement for what the summer will bring, and the fact that classes are over. If you’re lucky enough to only have a few finals here and there, you can go out Friday through next two weeks catapulting you right into summer 2012. This playlist is here to guide you along the next two weeks into what I’m sure will be a very eventful time. Summer is in the air!

Summer Modest Mouse This song is an oldy, but a goody in the sense that it gets me pumped for summer every time I hear it.

Summer Girls LFONow the majority of us were between the ages 8 to 10 when this sound hit us, but there’s a never a time we don’t get excited when it comes on the radio.

Cruel Summer BananaramaAnd for this one, we weren’t even alive, but that just means it’s a classic. Blue Crush memories!

In The Summertime Mungo Jerry Puts a smile on almost anyone’s face.

Those Summer Nights John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John Great movie; great song. And you can sing really loud to this one.

Summer Love
Justin Timberlake No one does it like JT.

California Girls Beach BoysReminds me of being young, but it never gets old!