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Lauren Fox – Doing All She Can at UTK

Lauren Fox didn’t waste any time during her years at UTK. This impressive senior comes with a full resume explaining her efforts in honor societies, campus organizations, and charity work. And she’s not done yet! When she graduates on May 12 she’s off to medical school. Is there anything this collegiette™ can’t do?
It is essential to any college campus to have students that are inspired to work hard and willing to use their knowledge and skills in every possible during their college years. Anyone who knows Lauren is quick to tell you that she is a hard worker yet always has time to help. She told me that her work ethic is an effort to thank those that have helped her get where she is. So this week we would like to take a moment to thank Lauren for all of her efforts at UTK.
What is your major?
Audiology (major); Psychology (minor); Pre-Med (concentration)

What are your plans when you graduate?
I am graduating May 12th at 11 am.  After graduation, I will be attending Lincoln Memorial University-DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine beginning in July.
What is your favorite UTK organization that you are involved in? Why?
I cannot pinpoint one activity or organization that I most enjoyed during my time at the University of Tennessee.  I have thoroughly enjoyed all the components of my duration at UT; however, I must say that being a part of the Sports Medicine Department (UTSM) for UT Men’s Athletics has been one of my most memorable experiences.  I have interned over 2000 hours with UTSM being an active part of the medical staff for football and basketball. As a result, I will forever be a member of The Tennessee Lettermen’s Club. A second highlight would have to include being the Philanthropy Chairman for Delta Delta Delta.  The Delta Sigma chapter of TriDelta focuses our philanthropic efforts towards St. Jude and East Tennessee Children’s Hospital.  As a result of our tireless work, we raised over $79,000 for St. Jude and over $8000 for ETCH this year.  Our fundraising contributions were accomplished because of the St. Jude Golf Classic and the TriDeltathon.  I am proud to be associated with all the volunteer work and service my organizations do at and surrounding the University of Tennessee. 
Mortar Board was the first national organization honoring senior college women. What does it mean to you to be a part of a board and on a campus that does things to honor women?
Mortar Board is one of the premier senior honor societies.  To be a part of this, male or female, I am humbled and surprised.  I found that my lasrgest reward in being associated with this society was the group of my peers I was able to meet.  Yes, I could think of this group as potentially emerging, successful contacts, but I now think of them all as friends.  Everyone of these individuals have very bright futures, and I am thankful, honored, and encouraged by being associated with a group of young people that are going to “light the torch” for tomorrow.

How did it feel to be named April’s Woman of the Month? (Congratulations by the way!)
I am honored to have been selected my Junior and Senior year as Panhellenic’s Woman of the Month.  It is a humbling experience to be nominated for anything by your peers, but to receive an award from your respected friends is exceptionally rewarding.
Everyone seems to agree that you are a really hard worker that puts your all into everything you do, where does your inspiration to work so hard come from?
Phillipians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  Between the Lord and my family, I cannot imagine that anyone has a greater support system than I have been blessed with.  I find success rewarding and motiviating, but all my efforts are to glorify the Lord and to honor and thank my family.

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