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Just Breathe: Tips to staying calm for finals

There are two types of students during finals week- the stressed and the unstressed. The biggest difference between the two is that the unstressed sometimes just simply don’t care. Ask some of them and they will tell you that they just have bigger things on their mind. The key to the stressed students is effective studying.

Generally the reason some of the students are unstressed is because they have learned one of the top rules for finals, the stay relaxed and prioritize.

Studies have shown that the students who procrastinate less are less stressed and report fewer illnesses. You need to ask yourself a couple of questions when you prioritize in an attempt to not procrastinate:

  • Which final is first?
  • What paper is the most challenging?
  • Which final has the biggest impact on my grade?

This will help you determine which things you need to study first when trying to manage your time.

Many students attempt to study around the clock thinking that this will help them. This is a myth. Students who take a break and do something as mundane as watch a movie or go to dinner report being able to retain information better and being able to focus for longer periods of time.

Being successful during finals week is not something only the smartest students can accomplish. As a student you just need to remain relaxed and take those breaks you desperately want to have during your study periods.
That hour break will do you a lot more good than an extra hour of cramming!

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