Jimmy Jones '12

Jimmy Jones is that guy in the library and the gym with the awesome curly hair. Yep, that’s a small rodent in his pocket.

Major: Civil Engineering
Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee
Favorite activity: Driving
Favorite food: Sandwiches, of course.
Favorite saying: “I mean, but I’m old fashioned.”
Favorite movie: A 4-way tie between Zoolander, Hot Tub Time Machine, Donnie Darko and Cruel Intentions.
Favorite animal: Dachshund (he used to have one named Beef, which must have been interesting for the neighbors when Beef occasionally got out and Jimmy had to go searching for him, screaming “Beef!”)
Favorite childhood story: I didn’t like to talk when I was in kindergarten, so my teachers thought I couldn’t read. They had a meeting with my mom, who looked really puzzled and said, ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about, Jimmy sits at the table and reads the newspaper every day.’