Your Ultimate Holiday Movie Guide for 2019

Over the years I have managed to culminate a list of my go-to holiday movies every time the holiday season comes around. These movies range from feel-good family movies to a childish throwbacks that bring some much-needed nostalgia. So, here’s my list of top nine movies to watch this holiday season:

  1. 1. “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town”

    A classic cartoon that takes you on a journey and brings out the holiday spirit in the most unexpected of places. This is one of those movies that is necessary to see once a year to remind yourself of younger years -- and that all you need to do is put one foot in front of the other. 

  2. 2. “The Princess Switch”

    I absolutely love this movie. Sure, it is reminiscent of “High School Musical” with their casting choices, but it also teaches the important lesson that sometimes life happens when you’re busy making other plans. Also, they create a twist on stereotypical male and female roles, because Stacy decides to continue working and wait a year before getting married.

  3. 3. “The Christmas Prince”

    This is such a cute Christmas movie based around a woman going out of her way to work hard and advance her career. Even when her invasive position is discovered by the royal daughter, she is quickly accepting of who she is, and forms a relationship based on mutual respect and a growing fondness. Eventually, after she causes a disruption in the family, she comes back to help and fix what she broke. 

  4. 4. “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer and the Island of Misfit Toys”

    Just like the Christmas song, when Rudolph doesn’t fit in with the rest of the reindeer, he needs to find himself and understand why he’s different before growing into his true self and stepping up. This idea of misfits and their differences is so beautiful, and teaches people not to be quick to judge, and to look under the surface. 

  5. 5. “Jingle All the Way”

    Schwarzenegger shines in this classic film of the Christmas gift struggle. When he wants to mend his relationship with his son, he starts by going after the one thing he knows can find a place in his son’s heart: the ultimate Christmas toy. His crazy journey is full of unexpected twists and turns that shows what a father’s love can withstand for a child.

  6. 6. “It Happened on 5th Avenue”

    In a black-and-white, old-time film sequence, this movie captures your heart and shows you the true spirit of Christmas. When the daughter of a wealthy man comes home to find intruders living in her home, she quickly bonds with them and pretends to be an intruder as well, to have people to spend the holiday season with. 

  7. 7. “The Santa Clause” (ALL OF THEM!)

    This film tells the story of when a father and his son find Santa Claus on the roof of their house, and accidentally cause him to fall off and die. A tad morbid at first, but a hilarious Christmas classic when the dad begins to transform into Santa Claus and must accept his new role as the man. 

  8. 8. “Home Alone” (ALL OF THEM!!)

    My absolute ride or die Christmas/every-single-season movie. I feel inclined to watch this movie all the time, and hold it as one of the best movies from my childhood. It starts as being relatable with a spiff between family members, but soon becomes a work of creative majesty.

  9. 9. “Elf”

    Will Ferrell’s role in this movie cannot be topped. This Christmas classic touches on family and love of the Christmas spirit. An elf looking to find his birth father stumbles around New York City, bringing light and cheer to a place that has become glum and lackluster of holiday spirit. 

Every single one of these movies brings their own special twist on the holiday season and provides something to enjoy for everyone. Good luck, I hope you find a throwback you forgot about or a new movie to indulge in this holiday season!