Your Online Shopping Guide for Plus-Sized Clothing

Do you have that shopping bug, but can’t find anything that fits you, your style or budget? Here is a guide to 5 online stores perfect for plus size girls.

If you’re anything like me then you know the pain of going out to the mall with your BFFs and going home empty handed while they have bags piled up in the back seat. Finding clothes in your size is nearly impossible while shopping in person unless you venture into a store that wants you to dress like your grandma. No offense grandma, I love you, but I’m trying to look like a college student here. I’m the type of person that feels most confident when my outfit is cute. These websites have helped me so much with that and have become my go-tos when buying just about anything.

1. Forever 21

The in-store selection at Forever 21 can be limited, sometimes even nonexistent, at your local mall. The online selection is much broader and and carries a variety of pieces. Forever 21 is cheap and trendy, both of which are very hard to find while plus size shopping. Over half of my closet is from Forever 21+ because their clothes are affordable and make me feel like I can keep up with the trends.


I recommend ASOS’ Curve Collection to absolutely everyone. Whatever you are looking for, chances are ASOS has it. They have high quality basics like t-shirts and leggings, but I have also purchased two prom dresses from this site. Depending on the piece, the prices can get a little high, but the quality and use you get out of the clothes definitely makes it worth the price. Finding fashionable clothes as a plus size girl can get very difficult, but ASOS clothing makes me feel like I actually have a sense of style. Warning: shopping on ASOS can get addictive, but they offer a student discount so that makes it okay...right?

3. Rue21

Rue21 was a store I always walked past in the mall, assuming from the window that they just weren’t my style. I was so wrong. While some of the other websites seem to sell clothes that are seen as “flattering” to a curvy body, Rue21 ignores that idea. They have crop tees and hoodies, tube tops, and sheer shirts. There are all of the things I’ve always been told my body wasn’t made for. They also carry incredibly cute wide-width booties and flats. Purchasing items from Rue21 was not only good for my wardrobe, but my confidence as well. Their prices are perfect for a babe on a budget too.

4. Premme

Premme is a relatively new shopping website. It is the only one on this list that sells exclusively plus size clothing. This brand is created and modeled by inspiring curvy women. The creators, Gabi Gregg and Nicolette Mason, believe “babes of all sizes deserve bold, fashion-forward statement pieces without compromise”. While I haven’t purchased anything from Premme yet because it’s definitely the most pricey on the list, it is already my new favorite brand. I want everything. Premme makes plus size women feel like a top priority in fashion which is why I already love it so much.

5. Boohoo

Boohoo is another amazing shopping site that carries everything your friends are wearing, but in your size. Feeling included in fashion is so important to plus size ladies. Boohoo clothing can go up to a size US 24 which is so important when it comes to making all bodies feel beautiful.  Boohoo is super affordable and every time I have visited this site there is a different discount offered. Boohoo is another store with a really wide variety from cute graphic tees to the perfect going out skirt.


You don’t have to sacrifice style to find an outfit that fits, even though it may feel that way sometimes. Keep this guide in mind next time you feel like you’re out of options on where to find great plus size clothes. Happy shopping!