Your Guide to the Ugliest Christmas Sweaters

As the weather gets colder and Mariah Carey channels her inner holiday powers, we find ourselves prepping for the holiday season. For some, this means shopping for the best deals or warming up their voices to sing along when they hear, “Jingle Bell Rock.” However, for most of us, preparing for the holiday means finding the ugliest Christmas sweater to take the crown as the ugliest dressed at the party. Of all the things Canada has blessed us with, the creation  of ugly christmas sweater parties are one of the best. Now, whether your holiday party or bar crawl is this week or later on in the month, I’ve put together a guide to help you find the ugliest sweater for any event. The best part is, most of them are under $25. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.


Boscov's is my favorite department store because its like Macy’s, except cheaper. They have some of the best deals for your holiday looks. Boscov's has everything you're looking for whether it be a dress to match with the perfect pair of high knee boots, or a poorly sequined stocking top. Ugly sweaters at pretty prices. Click here for more.


AKA the best store ever. TJMaxx has been there for me for many retail therapy sessions and they haven't let me down yet. TJMaxx has everything you’re looking for, especially for those non-extremists who want to have fun without being too ridiculous. Find them here.

The Christmas Tree Shop

The holidays are kind of their thing. This store has the best selection of sweaters including holiday cardigans, the perfect accessory that allows us to look festive when we want too.  They also have various sweaters that light up, so the christmas tree won't be the only thing that's lit this holiday. Find them here.


It's everyone's favorite store (even Beyoncé goes there). Target has a wide selection of all things holiday. Unfortunately, most of their sweaters do go a little over $25, but don’t sweat it! For a few extra dollars, Target can suit all your holiday sweater needs. But, the perks don't stop there. We've all been guilty of going to Target and spending a little more than necessary. Luckily, for us, we can buy these sweaters right here.


Our final stop on this sweater guide is the infamous Wally World. Walmart has a lot of options for both men and women that are both tacky and perfectly ugly. Everything you need to look like a holiday snack right here.


Happy shopping!