Your Complete Guide to Spring 2015 Fun Runs

Running is a fun and easy way to exercise all the muscles in your body at once. This time of year there are so many runs in the city that you can do with your friends and family! It doesn’t matter if you’re fast or slow – these runs are fun for everyone! Trust me. Another perk of signing up for runs is the free stuff that comes along with it. 
Here are three runs you cannot miss out on! They’ll get you up and moving and out in the sun to get ready for summer vacation. 
Phillies Charities 5K
This annual 5K will be held at Citizens Bank Park on Saturday, March 28th at 9 am. Runners will receive a medal, a long sleeve t-shirt, and most importantly, a voucher to go to a Phillies game sometime in early April. The cost is $50, with all of the proceeds going to charity. Tickets can be purchased up until the day of the run. Go to for more information. 
Color Run
The Color Run, also known as ‘The Happiest 5k on the Planet,” will be held at the Camden Waterfront on Saturday, April 25 th with running times starting every few minutes between 8 am and 9 am. Tickets are $45 for solo runner and $39.50 per person for team runners. Get your tickets now because on April 15th the price jumps up $5 per tickets price. Don’t forget to wear white and at the end you will be covered in different colors!
Broad Street Run
Broad Street is a 10 mile run that goes all the way through the city of brotherly love with people cheering you on, literately, every step of the way! What better way to see Philadelphia? The cost is $40 and it is on May 3rd. Registration is closed at this point, but you can go and cheer on runners as well! Runners will also get a free t-shirt and a medal! 
**Philadelphia’s own Cecily Tynan usually runs this race every year. Unfortunately she tore her ACL in a ski accident and will not be running this year. HOWEVER, she will be volunteering at one of the water stations. So have those phones out ready for a selfie when passing by the water stations…I know I will! 
Music Suggestions: 
Music allows you to focus on breathing and gets you pumped up for the run! Here are some suggestions for an outdoor run playlist: 
1. Sugar We’re Going Down by Fallout Boy 
2. Empire State of Mind by Jay Z and Rihanna
3. Signed Sealed Delivered by Stevie Wonder
4. Drops of Jupiter by Train 
5. Jump by Van Halen 
6. Dirty Little Secret by All American Rejects
7. Rehab by Amy Winehouse 
8. Heartless by Kris Allen 
9. Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd 
10. Lose Yourself by Eminem 
Other Tips: 
1. Rest, Rest, REST. 
Running and staying active is very important especially when training for a big run but allowing your body to rest is just as important. Take at least one day a week where you can allow your body to relax with no workouts or running. 
2. Keep It Short 
When preparing for a big run or building up your endurance, long runs are important, but shorter regular runs are just as important. Here is a running chart designed for beginner runners from Runner’s World. You can adjust this to your speed if you find yourself preparing faster than the chart. It is key to stay happy while working out. 
3. Set Goals 
Setting goals when running will force you to get out and get it done! Signing up for fun 5k’s with your friends keeps the excitement alive and sets a goal to reach.  Saying you will be able to run 3 miles by May and actually being able to are two entirely different things. Don’t make excuses. Running is the only exercise that you are completely and totally doing by yourself, how rewarding is that?