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Women’s Cafe Night Preview: Marissa Gilletto

Every spring, we hold our Women’s Cafe Night where we honor awesome women doing awesome things on Temple’s campus. Recognizing these women inspires not only the ladies within our chapter, but outside of our chapter. We have handpicked these women based on their accomplishments, attitudes and bright futures. Some of them you may have seen on our website before, some of them may be new to  you…from outstanding internships to on campus leadership roles, it is a privilege to have these women featured on our website! 

Where are you from?

Washington Township in Sewell, New Jersey

Why Temple?

I chose Temple for the endless amount of opportunity not only the city of Philadelphia has, but also the school itself offers. There are so many ways to get involved and get a head start in your career that it was impossible to say no to this amazing university. 

What made you chose your major and career path?

I’ve always been in love with the entertainment industry, but I also always loved writing and journalism. When I found out I could combine the two and be an on-air reporter or talent, I knew instantly this was what I was going to do for the rest of my life. I can’t imagine doing anything else in any other field.

What inspires you?

Just watching the news and talk shows gives me a rush of inspiration because I get so impatient to be at that point in my life and work in television. Also, when I see or hear of something that really moves me or makes me feel like everyone needs to know about it, I get inspired to put that news out there. I want to be someone people go to for information so I can make a difference in someone’s day or life.

What is your dream job?

Ultimately, if I could choose any job, I would love to be a host on E! News or take Kelly Ripa’s job on Live With Kelly and Michael when she retires even though I really hope she never does because she’s flawless in every way possible. I’m such a lover of Philadelphia though since it’s home, so being able to be on-air for a show like Good Day Philadelphia or any news outlet in the city would be a dream come true, too.

Who are some women that you look up to as role models?

There’s a girl I grew up with that was born with Hydrocephalus and has had over 200 brain surgeries. She inspires me everyday to fight every battle with a positive attitude and smile on my face no matter what. Also, Hilary Clinton because she’s so incredible and influential that she doesn’t even need an explanation. Last but not certainly not least, my mom because she’s my rock and I hope to be at least half the mother she is one day. 

If you could grab brunch with any one person, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Jackie Kennedy, without a doubt. She is the classiest woman that ever walked the Earth. She made such an impact in the White House and was such an inspiring First Lady and woman in general. She had such grace, strength, and the ability to capture the love and admiration from people in seconds. I could ask her questions for hours and never get bored learning from her. Plus, don’t we all want to know what it was like to be married to the wonderful John F. Kennedy?

Describe yourself in three words.

Compassionate, dedicated, and hopeful.

What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time? (If you have any!)

Netflix. Grey’s Anatomy has been slowly taken over my life and it’s becoming a problem. Also, just being around my best friends because they’re the most supportive and fun people in my life and everyone needs that kind of stability in their life. 


Logan is a junior journalism major, and serves as Campus Correspondent.  She is also the proud president of Delta Phi Epsilon, Delta Nu, her sorority. Logan is typically super busy, but still dedicates hours to reading a Cosmo from front to back...twice. Logan loves all things social media, especially following puppy accounts on Instagram. Her dream is to break into the magazine industry and help empower other women to pursue their dreams, whatever that may be. 
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