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Will There Be an I Am Not Okay with This: Season 2?

At the end of February, Netflix released I Am Not Okay with This, an original Netflix series that has amassed a large following and has already raised questions about the possibility of a season 2.

The show follows Sydney (Sophia Lillis) as she deals with her budding sexuality, grief, bullies, and, of course, her new superpowers. Much of season 1 revolves around her struggle in trying to control her powers, uncovering secrets from her late father’s past, and all while developing feelings for a friend.

Fans have gone wild, listing their theories on social media of who a mysterious man might be and what this could mean for Sydney and her newfound powers. Many are also questioning how this might affect her relationships, and who will continue to play a role in the show in future seasons. 

On that note, audience members have been paying close attention to Stanley Barber (Wyatt Oleff) as he quickly becomes the center of attention because of his wholesome and awkward nature. Some fans are creating their own form of content on platforms like TikTok and Instagram as they share their favorite scenes from season 1.

 The season ended very abruptly with Sydney sparking a mind-blowing explosion and fleeing the scene while wondering what to do next with her life. She is then approached by a mysterious man who informs her that things are just starting, and that this is nowhere near the end.

Despite its success, the ending leaves us with absolutely nothing that could have answered the many questions posed in every episode. The episodes are all around 20 minutes and with only seven episodes in total, the show struggles to deliver a plot distinguishable from similar shows like Carrie.

Nonetheless, the ending has sparked speculation from viewers as to whether or not there would be a season 2. Considering that the novel and the show have very different endings, a sequel season could explore a completely new possibility of events.

According to executive producer Dan Levine, season one “is really a bit of an origin story” and that his team plans “to make it bigger and bigger.” There’s no definite decision that there will be another season, but Levine stated he has a “general sense of how it’s going to grow over the next two seasons after this one.”

Judging by the 85% Rotten Tomatoes rating, the show has garnered some fairly high praises, leading to even more hope of a renewal. As seen with other shows, Netflix clearly has a preference of releasing new seasons within approximately a year apart, so there is a possibility that I Am Not Okay with This can have a second season as early as February of next year. Let’s hope that all of our questions will be answered, and we can watch our favorite characters again soon!

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