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Check out this hidden gem on Netflix 

Everyone experiences those frustrating moments when they can’t find anything to watch on TV. This happens especially when dealing with the stress of school or work, having a go-to show is a great stress reliever. Currently, I’ve noticed that all streaming services have been kind of dry. However, the other day I stumbled upon the show “Derry Girls” on Netflix, and it is a must-watch. 

Derry Girls is a hidden gem. You won’t realize how good it is until you watch it. The show originally aired on the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). Although, viewers in the United States can watch it on Netflix. The series has three seasons and each one is amazing. 

Even though the show was produced and distributed overseas, we still see familiar faces. While watching the show, expect to see Saoirse-Monica Jackson, who plays Phoebe in Bridgeton. After seeing Jackson in both Bridgeton and Derry Girls, I have realized that the actress has incredible range. In Bridgeton, she is an innocent outcast, while in Derry Girls, she is a loud, expressive teenager.  

The show is about teenagers named Orla, Erin, Clare, Michelle, and Michelle’s cousin, James. They live in Northern Ireland during the 1990s. At this time, Ireland faced conflict with England because of religion. At the time, Protestants were mostly believed that Ireland was a distinct part of the United Kingdom, whereas Catholics wanted Ireland to be an independent country. The town of Derry was a region of major feud and conflict, regarding this issue.  

The Derry native friend group navigates their adolescence in a town that is frowned upon by other people in Ireland. They all go to a Catholic school and experience the hard truths of growing up, in addition to civil unrest. Although they grow up in this notable era, their teenage experiences and troubles provide comedic relief and moments to which anyone can relate. Whether it’s proms, tests, jobs, parties, etc., the show illustrates important moments that most people have experienced. 

I would recommend this show to anyone who wants to take a break from reality and just have a laugh. I feel like this show is especially relatable to college students because we also had to adjust to unusual circumstances like Covid, during key moments in our young adulthood. Even though Covid didn’t involve armies stationed throughout our towns, it changed how we experienced life. Derry Girls confirms that at the end of the day, we are still young and make mistakes, as well as have unforgettable memories.  

All three seasons of Derry Girls are available on Netflix. The episodes are short, but it makes the show more engaging. If you’re looking for a stress relieving show and can withstand strong Irish accents, then this is the show for you!  

Olivia is a Senior at Temple University. She is Majoring in advertising and pursuing a minor in public relations. She always loved writing from an early age. You can find her drinking coffee, going on hikes, or listening to Harry Styles.