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margot robbie in a barbie movie
margot robbie in a barbie movie
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Why Barbie Is This Year’s Most Predicted Halloween Costume  

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Temple chapter.

This year, Spirit Halloween, the seasonal retail store full of all things halloween, has transformed into Barbie Land. The store, now has a variety of Barbie costumes ranging from “Western Barbie” to a Ken T-shirt.  According to NewsChannel 9, employees at Spirit Halloween confirm that both Barbie and Ken will be a popular look and that 85 percent of participants enthusiastically confirm that their Halloween look will be Barbie and Ken. To be clear, you certainly don’t need to have a Barbie or a Ken in your life to join in on the fun. Whether you take inspiration from Margot Robbie’s look in the movie, or recreate the original 1959 Barbie striped swimsuit, this year we’ll be saying “Hi Barbie!” all Halloween night.   

Aside from the cute costumes, you might be wondering why is Barbie infiltrating the scariest night of the year? After the release of the movie this past July, the reviews have praised the movie director, Greta Gerwig, the actors, and of course, the message this movie conveys. In order to understand the perfection of this movie, let’s break it down: 

Who populated the theaters?  

Barbie’s audience ranged anywhere from young teenage girls, to moms and grandmoms. It provided a space of vulnerability for people to reconnect with their inner child. This is because of the movie’s portrayal of a mother reconnecting with her old Barbie dolls. Couples and friend groups took advantage of the pink dress code, coming to the movie theaters in the dazzling color. On the screen, the division between the real world and Barbie Land compelled its audience to make connections to their own lives.  

The movie showcased how it feels to put on a facade of perfection. In fact, the absurdity and impossibility of perfection was made strikingly clear in the speech America Ferrera’s character, Gloria, made. The speech, which was about  the exhaustion of trying to keep up with impossible expecations, did not fail to elicit an emotional response from viewers everywhere, especially those who could relate to her captivating words.  

The Barbie movie is a comfort to everyone who struggles with insecurities or feels like they aren’t enough. And just as Barbie embarks on a new journey in the real world, we too are left to live our lives new in light of watching such an inspiring, emotional, and heartfelt film. It is because of the message this movie delivers through its captivating cinematic qualities, that we don’t want to brush it under the rug. What better way to honor this movie than to dedicate a night dressed up in extravagant costumes of the characters?  

Because Barbie manifests herself wearing many different outfits, it can be very simple to throw together an easy and adorable costume. For example, if you have a cowboy hat and a pink top and bottom, cowgirl Barbie is a perfect option. Or you can grab some scrubs and a white coat to become Doctor Barbie! And if you are still looking for some options, Spirit Halloween can supply you with anything Barbie, ranging from a Barbie Box to Barbie’s Pink Power Jumpsuit. Although it is inevitable to see the classic vampire and spooky ghost, don’t be surprised if you see a few dolls in the mix. Halloween can’t come fast enough as we eagerly await to party with Barbie on the scariest night of the year! 

I am a freshman English Major at Temple. I enjoy writing, and currently write for the Fashion and Beauty section of Her Campus Temple. In my free time I love to read, listen to music (love Taylor Swift:), and hike!