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What Your Halloween Costume Says About You

That time of year is back around! It’s the time where we as a society get dressed up and slam a fun holiday name on it. Although, with a college budget, there’s only a handful of costumes that us girls can recycle through. Based on no case studies or logical reasoning at all, this is what your potential Halloween costume says about you! 

“Space Cowgirl”

Here we go…. A bright cowgirl hat, some metallic clothing and BAM! Apparently, that’s how it’s done. If you rock this outfit for Halloween, there’s a chance that you are funky and energetic. The flashy sparkly outfit must reflect internally that you are someone with loads of confidence. Not to mention, this person must obviously be trendy as this costume also pays homage to Kendall Jenner’s iconic Space Cowgirl costume. 


All black cat ears and some eyeliner whiskers on your cheeks, that’s it!. I envy whoever sports this costume. It may be deemed “basic” or lazy, however, I just think that’s a cheap fall back. These people are not really into #spookyszn, so they do the bare minimum for pictures on the gram and that’s totally okay! 

“Nerd/School Girl”

A classic! This girl went to private school at some point of her life. The skirt, her uniform, the shirt from her “going out” drawer, the glasses…. You know how it goes. This easy peasy costume says that you’re definitely a party girl. These are the girls that are down for whatever whenever!


Finally, I got a besties/duo costume. Whether you are the angel or the devil, you both are a funny duo. I just know it! These best friends took everything they possibly could white or red from their closets. You have to give them props.

Whether you decide to go all out for halloween or not, please be safe while doing so. Happy Halloween!

Autumn is currently studying Media Studies & Production who enjoys hanging out with friends as much as the next girl.