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What Is Taylor Swift Doing?

Are you wondering if Taylor Swift cares at all about your mental wellbeing while simultaneously hoping for yet another surprise release album? Does Taylor really think we can recover from Folklore in time for evermore? Well, it doesn’t matter because now comes an album full of re-recordings of the songs we cried to when we were eight. Thank you, Taylor? But Taylor, why the re recordings? Why all the new music? Well, believe it or not, the answer is not as simple as Taylor simply being a creative icon who oozes talent, but rather, she also is in the process of taking back what belongs to her. 

Since the beginning of her career, Taylor has been attacked by massive misogyny and extreme sexism within the media and the public. It is yet again one of those things that bring young women joy and excitement so it must be vapid, unintelligent, and something to be condemned. Truly young girls can not enjoy anything without being made fun of for being brainless and dull witted people. Taylor Swift’s fanbase is largely made up of young girls and she herself beginning her career as a young teenage girl made her a huge target for this kind of degradation and bias in the media and by the public. 

Last November Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun were publicly feuding after Braun made a three-million-dollar deal to sell the master rights of all Taylor’s first six albums. Essentially, Braun took music that didn’t belong to him and Taylor now owns none of the rights of her own music. After Braun sold Taylor’s work, Taylor came back with three new albums: Lover, Folklore, and evermore, which are owned by Taylor as they should be. 

On February 11th, Taylor announced the release of her re-recording of Love Story (Taylors Version) and the soon-to-come release of the re-recordings of Fearless. Taylor’s re recordings will include her first six albums that were sold by Braun which are Taylor Swift self-titled, Fearless, Speak Now, Red, 1989, and Reputation as her own version. It’s the same music and songs and Taylor that we have all loved for years, and now we can all stream her music knowing that she is the one who owns it and controls her own career, which is exactly what she deserves.

So Swifties, let’s get ready to revert back into our eight-year-old selves who were intelligent enough at the time to appreciate and celebrate the greatness of Miss Taylor Swift!

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