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What Happened to the Draught Horse Pub & Grill?

The Draught Horse Pub and Grill is a Temple University treasure that has recently closed down as of this sunday February 21st 2021. This bar is the oldest bar destination on Temple’s campus and it just so happens that their 20 year anniversary was this Sunday. The saddening part about the closure is that their lease expired, and they could not afford to pay the new cost of the rent to stay open. This may be the end of their customer service, but the memories and experiences that people have had will be remembered forever. 

The home of many college students and staff

As an age legal drinking student of Temple University, The Draught Horse was the place to go with all of your friends for sports events, karaoke nights, and even just to hangout. Not only was this pub a monument for students but college professors had business meetings, going away parties, and retirement parties at this location. Personally, I have not been able to make it to this location because I am a first year student, but it is saddening that I will never get to experience the memories that some would do anything to get back from here. I work at a small bar back at home located on Ursinus College’s campus, and students come in everyday. To be a college student and have your local bar shut down seems unbearable and heartbreaking, especially knowing that you will no longer be able to make those lifetime memories there again. 

May your Draught Horse memories live on 

Many college students have irreplaceable memories at this location, so the bar owners came up with an idea to help these memories live on forever for those who don’t want to forget. A York Haven, Pennsylvania auction company is helping the local pub bid off some of the contents of the restaurant. So if you would like to purchase anything, bidding ends March 18th. They are selling everything from neon beer signs to the dishes they used to prepare customers food. So if you want to keep those sentimental memories forever, get to bidding!

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