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What to Do When You’re Stuck Inside This Winter

We all know the feeling. It’s just simply that time of year. It’s cold, it’s dark and seasonal depression is finally starting to hit in. If you are anything like me, I strongly dislike the cold. I’d much rather be on the beach catching rays than struggling to find my other glove. For those of us who struggle to find things to do in the frigid winter, I’m here to help. Here’s some things I do to keep myself entertained while being stuck in the house trying to avoid the nasty winter weather.

Your favorite TV show

Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, HBO, and Showtime are just a few iconic subscriptions you can add to your list for the winter. Finding a good show to binge watch is perfect for a lazy day. Sitting by the fireplace with a side bowl of popcorn and yummy hot chocolate isn’t perfect without your favorite show or movie. For instance, I have been obsessed with season two of “You” on Netflix, which I have been talking nonstop for weeks with my roommates.

Cooking or baking

I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but grabbing some friends and family and spending time in the kitchen can really boost your mood. When I’m bored, I look up fun recipes online, and try to replicate them. Trying crazy things like DIY ice cream can actually be tons of fun, and a great way to seriously impress your friends! I will say that I’m not the best cook, but practice really does make perfect!

Working out

When it’s too cold to walk or even drive to your nearest gym, making your own little gym studio is the next best thing. You don’t need heavy equipment or a bunch of weights to achieve the best workout. I simply look up core workouts on Pinterest, pick the best looking one, and try it out. It doesn’t even have to be long, because a quick ten-minute workout can do all the difference. You can also create your own yoga studio by adding some candles, peaceful music, and your favorite yoga matt, allowing for maximum relaxation. You will start to notice a change in not only your mood, but your body will thank you as well!


Painting is one of my absolute favorite things to do when I’m bored. I simply buy a few art supplies from a craft store, and then go on Pinterest to find inspiration. I have about thirty different paintings hung up on the walls of my room. My friends and I will end up spending hours painting and creating amazing pieces of artwork that we either keep for ourselves or give to family as gifts for the holidays. You can even get a little more creative by purchasing plain jeans from a local thrift store, and painting a cool design of your own. Trust me, everyone will be asking where you got those pants.

Pick up a book

A good book can keep you company when you are hiding inside from the horrible weather. Cozying up in your favorite chair and reading is a good distraction that allows you to fully destress. As many people will say, nothing is as good as finding a good book.

Indulge in self care

Give yourself a day to treat yourself! I love days when I can focus on myself and boosting my self-confidence.  Put on a bath, make a face mask, and allow yourself to feel beautiful. Anything you need to do to better yourself should be accomplished. It could be anything from painting your nails to catching up on much needed sleep. And self-care does not always mean taking care of yourself physically, because mental self-care is just as important. For instance, catching up with a few friends on the phone or even writing in my journal can make the world of a difference. It can be anything that you would want to do to make yourself feel better and happier. Positive vibes to counteract the upsetting tone outside is essential during the winter months!

All in all, I hope some of these ideas will give you inspiration for your next day stuck indoors. Trust me, it’ll be hard to be bored if you keep yourself busy with some of these helpful tips. Of course, there’s many more, and sometimes coming up with new ideas is just as fun as doing them. If you’re like me, winter can be rough, but it doesn’t have to be with these vital tips!

Hi! I am a sophomore at Temple University and I write articles on arts and entertainment!
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