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Ways to Have A Memorable Birthday- Even If You Aren’t A Birthday Person!

YAYYYYY! Another trip around the sun. Let’s celebrate! If you aren’t into the party scene and glittery decorations, you can still enjoy your day in any way you wish. Do what you want, it’s only your day once a year! You may be getting older year by year, but you can still make your birthday a special and memorable day.

You can start by making a bucket list, with a bunch of different activities on it. Going out to eat is very popular, and since it’s a special occasion, don’t skimp- treat yourself to your favorite meal! Or, if cooking for yourself is more your speed, then cook yourself something delicious and enjoyable. Make some pasta, play some tunes, and maybe even sing a little karaoke.

Having a small get together with all of your friends to celebrate is also a great way to enjoy your day! Gather all of your friends, play some of your favorite playlists together, and just have fun. No drama needed, just all good vibes. Celebrate with the ones who mean the most to you, and don’t forget to take pics for memories! Whether your cooking a meal together, going out, or getting dressed up to go to a concert or another event, with your friends by your side, you’ll be on your way to taking your special day by storm.

Another great way to spend a birthday is by exploring. We are so lucky to live in such a vibrant, diverse city with so much to do to suit anyone’s interest. Check out upcoming events in the area and see if anything peaks your interest, or, use your special day as an excuse to go check out that store you’ve been dying to go too… but it’s always seemed just a liiiiitle too far from campus. If you really wanted to get fancy, you could save up some money, and go on a day trip with loved ones at one of your favorite places. Sometimes you just need to get away, and this will lead to less stress and more happiness. Round up the girls, book a hotel, and relax. The app Hotels Tonight lets you search for super cheap hotel rooms, often in 4 or 5 star hotels- so take advantage of the many resources available to help make little escapes with your girlfriends more affordable and practical. You could also try a Spa Day, since they’re super relaxing, and make for a great way to treat yourself to something special and show yourself some love. After all, another trip around the sun doesn’t happen every day.

 Don’t stress about who’s there, because your real friends will always be there for you, ready to celebrate however you choose to. It’s your day, treat yourself to whatever you wish. Call off work for the day, you deserve it!  Regardless of if you love your birthday or hate it, there are infinite activities that you can do (or not do!) to celebrate. Above all, do what makes you feel good and loved, because ultimately your birthday should be the one day where things go your way!

Senior at Temple University :)
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