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Is V-Day Worth the Hype?

In one week, your social media feed will be filled with a mix of feels towards the ~holiday of love~. You’ll see couples embracing their love for each other, girls posting up their Galentine’s parties, bitter singles that have to shit on everything about this holiday, and the people who don’t care.

Valentine’s Day is one of the holidays that is constantly put on in the spotlight from all perspectives. People take pride in expressing their feelings whether they love or hate it.

Although the idea of Valentine’s Day is meant to send extra love to the people you care about, it’s become so hyped up and commercialized that some people question their worth if they’re not showered with love.

While it’s understandable the holiday can have such a strong emotional impact on people, why does it have to have so much power? When you really think about it, it’s just another day. Your calendar may reinforce Valentine's significance but that doesn’t mean you have to.

Of course if you’re one of those people whose on the fence, here’s a list of the perks and downsides to this holiday:

The Perks:

1. Some people really believe it’s a way show their love for their significant other

2. Chocolate and roses; cliche but come on, it’s still a cute gift to get

3. You can get all dolled up with your friends or significant other

4. It could be a reason to spice things up in the bedroom *wink wink*

5. The Galentine’s parties!

6. It could make you feel extra adored

The Downsides:

1. It's waaaayy too commercialized

2. Some people can feel depressed or lonely

3. Society’s pressure to make you feel like you have to do something

4. False expectations...ugh

5. The idea that ‘everyday should be Valentine’s Day’

6. It could stress out a relationship even more

Like every holiday, there are ups and downs. But no matter if you're spending the ~holiday of love~ single or in a relationship, there are still plenty of ways to have fun.


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