Us Movie Review

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you had a twin? Not literal twins, I mean doppelgängers.

Someone you’ve never met but somehow has your same face. Well, get ready to freak out at the slightest movement of your reflection because Jordan Peele’s new movie Us will have you questioning literally everything.

Last month, Jordan Peele finally released his highly anticipated follow-up to the movie Get Out. With Get Out being a success with audiences right away, some people are left still scratching their heads at Us. Well, I’m here to break just about everything down in my review. So if you haven’t seen Us yet (what are you doing?!) be warned that there will be slight spoilers ahead.

Us follows the story of a family on their summer vacation in Santa Cruz.

But before that we meet Adelaide, our story’s protagonist in Santa Cruz on her own vacation with her family. That night however, Adelaide discovers something sinister in a nearby house of mirrors. What she sees is her reflection, but not your regular reflection. What she finds is another little girl that looks just like her staring back at her.

Back to the present, Adelaide and her family are enjoying their vacation (even though Adelaide really doesn’t wanna be there; you’ll see why later) when something strange happens. Remember that strange reflection that Adelaide sees as a child, well she’s back for revenge after what happened all those years ago leaving the family to defend off their evil counterparts to survive.

And man, when I tell you that this movie messed with my mind, it really did.

The whole crux of the movie is an allegory for poverty, which can be symbolized through the easter eggs in the movie, like the Hands Across America thing (it’s very important).

This movie is so well done with the motifs, symbols and hints. Even the title can be up for interpretation on what the movie actually means. The Jeremiah 11:11 hint also plays a big part in the movie as well so after you see it, be sure to look it up. Everything basically makes sense after you find out what it says.

The twist at the end of the movie is so well done because of the subtle hints displayed through the opening scene and Adelaide’s actions when things get real. And my face was exactly like this when it happened:

I really liked this movie and I feel like it was a good follow-up to Get Out.

Some people didn’t really get it but I think that it takes multiple viewings or deep dives into theory videos to get the entire picture to settle.

Not to mention, Lupita Nyongo’s acting throughout the movie was STUNNING. Give this woman all the awards.

I feel as though the way that Jordan Peele is heading with these movies could overlap into an entire universe of different situations and I can’t wait to find out more.

P.S. the soundtrack SLAPS so give it a listen.