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Underrated TV Series That Are Ready For Your Next Binge

You know when you scroll through the streaming website of your choice and settle upon the same show that pops up on your recommended page? 


Here are some of what I like to call “hidden gem” shows that are here to ~spice up~ your Netflix queue and give you something new to obsess over. 

“The Haunting of Hill House”

If you like shows that are thrilling, dark and obsessive, then “The Haunting of Hill House” is just the show for you. The show takes you into the lives of Hugh and Olivia Crain, plus their five children (Nell, Luke, Steve, Theo and Shirley). Hill House is a famously-evil house that possesses unwanted spirits that torment and haunt the family from their adolescence into young adulthood. As the story unravels through an enthralling back-and-forth time progression, it takes you through the psychological damage that this house has possessed on each member of the Crain family.  Plus, the leading actress and ever-so-talented Victoria Pedretti will be starring alongside Penn Badgley in the second season of “You,” so her face is one to watch out for!

“Miracle Workers”

If you have watched and fallen in love with “The Good Place,” then “Miracle Workers” has to be on the list of your next binge. This show follows determined angels in the afterlife (Craig and Eliza) who strike a deal with God, portrayed by Steve Buscemi, in order to save Earth. God, frustrated with the current state of Earth, takes on petty hobbies to occupy his time and make something of himself. Meanwhile, the existence of humanity falls into the hands of Craig and Eliza, who are tasked with answering matched prayers from a socially awkward duo that wishes to be together. Lighthearted, fun and thought provoking, this show is a hidden gem that should be receiving critical acclaim similar to that of “The Good Place.”

“Killing Eve”

If you enjoy shows that are female led, visually exquisite and dynamic, then “Killing Eve” is the show for you. The show follows an extremely bright but bored MI5 spy, named Eve. Not admitting to it, Eve is bored with her life, not feeling like she has surpassed her potential at work and in her personal life. Then there is Villanelle, a lavish, talented, and psychopathic killer who clings onto the luxuries that her career provides her. Once these women learn of each other, a cat-and-mouse-like sharade forms, and both ladies utterly obsess over the other. Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer are equally amazing and stunning, performing immaculately together. 

These shows have been incredibly binge-worthy for me and I hope that you check them out and love them as much as I do!

Lauren is a sophomore journalism major at Temple University.
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