Is TUAlert Trustworthy?

Due to the recent incident of sexual assault that occurred on Carlisle Street at Temple a few weeks ago, students are more concerned about their safety on and around Temple‘s campus. We students all received TU Alerts during the middle of the night, but are these notifications significant enough? Many students question if TU Alerts are the best way to receive information about Temple’s campus and the surrounding area.

For starters, what is a TU Alert? The TU Alert is a way for students to receive emergency notifications through text or email. These notifications warn the students to avoid area(s) where there is possible danger. Students, and even parents, can access TU Alerts by signing up for them in their TU Portal.  TU Alerts can be received by text or email.

TU Alerts typically provide a location of where a recent crime was committed and whether or not it’s necessary to avoid the area. It also lets students know whether it or not the crime is Temple related. Every text or email tells the students to use caution, but since many of these events occur late at night, sometimes it’s difficult for people to always be alert. While many police officers are stationed in and around the area, incidents still occur, and sometimes these incidents are close to where the students live or socialize. It makes us wonder, are these alerts really worth it?

“It’s nice to know where trouble is and what areas to avoid,” says freshman Laura Musser. Musser believes that TU Alerts are helpful to communicate with Temple’s study body.

Sophomore Erin Dignam also appreciates the TU Alert system. “They’re important to keep us updated with what’s going on around us,” Digman explains.

Freshman Asia Kopcsandy, however, is skeptical. While she believes TU Alerts are really important for the student body, she also wants to know more information on the Carlisle case. “We are legal adults who deserve to know about our own safety concerns,” she points out.

While many may agree with Kopcsandy, there is the concern whether or not a case like this should be broadcasted. Because the incident involved the sexual assault of a female Temple student on her way home from the library, there are the issues of privacy and sensitivity. Some students believe they have the right to know the details, while other students believe it’s best to provide a brief description.

“If that were me I wouldn’t want a bunch of people knowing that I was sexually assaulted and how everything happened,” says Temple sophomore Marissa Little. “I like the TU Alerts, but not everyone needs to know like the details.”

Even though there are a decent amount of students who want to know more about this horrific incident, other students may agree about the concern of privacy. Overall, the students and parents seem appreciative that we are notified when crimes occur, even if not all of the details are provided.