Top 5 Places to Buy Halloween Costumes in Center City, Philadelphia

An excuse to be someone else for the night? Yes, please. You can wear cat ears and it’s not weird? Sign me up. The chance of “The Monster Mash” playing at a frat party? It seriously does not get any better than that.

Along with the excitement of Halloween, stress and anxiety follow soon behind. The pressure to look ~hot,~ the hundreds of stores in Center City to look through and the obvious lack of funds (because, college), make for an intimidating Halloween shopping experience.

Lucky for you, we’ve put together a small list of places you can visit in search of your unique and creative costume. And, hey, if all else fails -- you can just be a cat.

1. Buffalo Exchange: 1520 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19102 

Looking for a cute used pair of high waisted mom jeans or funky wind breaker to complete your 90’s costume? Look no further! Buffalo exchange has a variety of cheap, thrifty clothing. Located in the heart of center city on Chestnut Street, this trendy chain sells, buys and trades unique second-hand clothes and jewelry. As of recent, Buffalo has been selling complete Halloween costumes for a cheap price, so you can get everything you need in one stop. ​

2. Poshmark

Don’t have the time (or effort) to make a shopping trip? Try using the free Poshmark app to discover some old closet gems. Poshmark is a digital marketplace where people can buy and sell second-hand clothing, shoes and accessories. The app is extremely easy to use and virtual buying has been the recent go-to for quick shopping. Shipping is fast and items can arrive shortly in one-to-two days, which is perfect for us last minute shoppers.

3. The Dollar Store: 2601 W Girard Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19130 or 1601 Market St, Philadelphia, PA 19103

So, you already have an outfit, but you just need some cute accessories and that extra dazzle. The The dollar store always has cheap face paint kits or sparkly embellishments that can turn your costume into a show stopper. There is no catch either, it truly is all a dollar -- talk about working with a college budget.

4. Philly AIDS Thrift: 710 S 5th St, Philadelphia, PA 19147

Hey, why not give back while doing your Halloween shopping? Philly AIDS Thrift is a great local organization that sells used clothing, with all it's proceeds being distributed to a local AIDS organization. This meaningful organization even has a private drop-in HIV testing center on the second floor. There are tons of sweet deals, including multiple bins filled with items for only one dollar.

5. DIY

Stressing about money? Don’t worry, make your Halloween costume yourself. The best costumes come straight from your closet. Remember that leather jacket you bought but never wore? Now is the perfect time to use it -- break it out with some funky shades and teased hair and you’ve got a rockin’ 50’s chick.

Trick or Treat!