Top 10 New Songs to Add to Your Playlist ASAP

Need something new to listen to? Here are 10 of the best new songs out this week, featuring some of our favorite artists and even some new ones.

1. Sleepwalker- Bonnie McKee

Pop singer Bonnie has come back with another hit, “Sleepwalker,” which will definitely be added to my morning playlist because of its upbeat rhythm and fun lyrics. Listen for yourself.

2. Moon River- Frank Ocean

Singer/songwriter Frank Ocean is coming out with a new album. His latest track release is a cover of the classic song “Moon River,” famously sang by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany’s.

3. Faded Love- Tinashe ft. Future

Tinashe and Future made a great collab with “Faded Love.” The song is a sultry number, but not a love song in the slightest, especially with Future’s verse towards the end.  

4. Love Lies- Khalid ft. Normani of Fifth Harmony

There seems to be a pattern this week...anti-love song? Well, I’m not complaining because“Love Lies” is a great track by Khalid and Fifth Harmony’s Normani. The song has smooth lyrics and vocals and will also be featured in the upcoming movie “Love, Simon.” This song is one of my faves on the list.  

5. Friends- Marshmello ft. Anne-Marie

Since Valentines Day has gone and passed, it’s no surprise that there’s a song about friendzoning. Yes, DJ, Marshmello and pop singer Anne-Marie collab in “Friends,” a fun tune to listen to that has a music video coming out soon.

6. Melanin Magic- Remy Ma ft. Chris Brown

Rappers Remy Ma and Chris Brown are another pair who have made a great collab with a good message. They are inspiring black boys and girls to feel good in their own skin with “Melanin Magic.” This is great especially since the film, “Black Panther,” just hit theaters. Plus, the visuals in the music video are beyond stunning!  #blackisbeauty

7. Getting Over You- Lauv

Listening to any Lauv song is always a fave of mine. His newest hit, “Getting Over You,” is what it sounds like...figuring out how to get over a breakup. Lauv’s calming voice makes your mind travel so far to another place that you forget your feelings altogether.

8. About Me- G Flip

No, I’m not talking about phones. G Flip is a completely new artist to me, but I’m already liking her music. “About Me” is another heartbreak song but it has a #tbt vibe about it. Even the music video reminds me of the old YouTube days of recording with an camcorder. #NotThinkingAboutYou

9. You Owe Me- The Chainsmokers

Have you ever had that feeling like you’re losing your mind? Moving hour by hour like a zombie? Feeling like the only person in the world? If you answered yes, then this is the perfect song for you. The Chainsmokers are back at it again with another new single, “You Owe Me.” It deals with owning the dark part of our minds. Don’t worry, you’re not alone because tons of people dream of doing bad things and never actually do it. Hang in there!

10. We Are…- Noah Cyrus ft MO

Noah Cyrus has been making moves lately and now she has another new single out called “We Are.” It’s a song that expresses our favorite phrase when we’re frustrated about life, “we are f***ed.” I recommend listening to the track whenever you want to blow off a little steam.

These were all great songs to listen to this week. Looking forward for next week’s picks!

––Kiana Tjerrell