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There’s A New School In Town and It’s Called Abbott Elementary

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America’s new mockumentary, Abbott Elementary, has made its official debut on ABC as of December 2021. Read on to learn about the series and its behind-the-scenes production, as well as a general overview of my opinions. 

There is a new school on the block! Abbott Elementary, a series created by former Temple student and native Philadelphian, Quinta Burson, has found its home on the ABC network and has been clearing the charts ever since. To learn further about what makes the show great, how it was made, and what it’s about, to begin with, keep reading. 

Abbot Elementary is a mockumentary showcasing teachers’ perspectives of school life in an underfunded school in Philadelphia. This show is not only comical with its many hidden jokes, but it manages to tackle real life issues within the school system, at the same time. Starring in the sitcom is none other than the show’s creator and writer, Quinta Burson. Alongside her is Tyler James Williams, Janelle James, and many more. 

One thing that I absolutely loved about this show is the creator herself. Burson is someone who has been in the media for as long as I can remember (throwback to Buzzfeed 2015) and seeing her go from a youtube and blog series to now starring, producing, and creating her own show is incredibly inspirational. Talk about Girlboss! 

With that, I also think the cast fully complements each other — with Everyone Hates Chris star Tyler James Williams down to its newest addition, Janelle James. 

Speaking of the show itself, it’s definitely intriguing! Having a show like this that showcases not only comedy but the teachers working in a school in Philadelphia, is really nostalgic to me. As someone who grew up in Philly and has been in its school system for so long, it’s nice to see that represented on the big screen. 

In one episode, there’s even a brief scene on “lessons of slang” which I personally found to be both a funny but ironically educational moment that defines the show perfectly. It’s this common ground the show has mastered between easing into important topics among schools – especially Philadelphian schools – while still keeping the vibe lighthearted and comfortable. 

Although the show highlights the matter of unfunded schools in a comedic way, it’s nice to see something important come to light. The way it’s filmed is similar to The Office, for sure — especially the chemistry between Quinta and Tyler’s characters. I smell a Jim and Pam type of romance on the way!Overall the show has aired only about 6 episodes so far but I have high expectations for the rest of the season. If you’re looking for a funny, lighthearted The Office type show, this is definitely the one for you! This mockumentary is absolutely worth the view and has so much potential, with new episodes to come every Tuesday. Make sure to keep your eye out and tune in!

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