Temple Rises in Ranking

     This year, Temple University rose up in the rankings in Best Colleges due to the college’s growing 
academic reputation. The campus has always been known for its academic programs, but it hasn’t been 
until recently that Temple has had its chance to shine. 
According to CBS Philly, Temple ranked number 115, which is an 
increase by six spots from last year, which has caught many people’s attention.
“Temple is in a big city, so there’s a lot of opportunities, but the community is still so closely knit,” says 
freshman student Asia Kopsandy.
Students from all over the world come from different environments and backgrounds and are all given 
the same educational opportunities at Temple. Temple also boasts its diversity, with students who 
represent a variety of races and religions.
The campus has hundreds of majors to choose from with many academic advisors who are there to try 
and steer each student into the direction that they believe is best. Additionally, Temple has many 
resources that it offers to its student body. For instance, the main building to study in is the Tech Center, 
with up-to-date Mac and PC computers provided. There is also the Tuttleman Learning Center, where 
students have the chance to work one on one with a tutor for any subject that they may need help with. 
As resourceful as the school is for its academics, people may be skeptical of the location. While Temple 
is located in a major city, there are hundreds of police officers on and around campus to ensure safety. 
The officers will either patrol by bike or by car.  Temple does whatever it can to protect the safety of 
students and staff. 
Many students believe that Temple has an exciting campus. There are dozens of food trucks lined up on 
the streets for students. Even the food trucks offer diverse food ranging from Indian food to Asian 
The Bell Tower which is a common hang out area and is located adjacent to Beury Beach, where 
students lounge on chairs or sit on grass and do work. When the weather is nice, this is a common area 
for students to engage in social activity. 
“I love the city life, job opportunities, and can even network from LA, “ says Temple senior Chris 
Coughlan. “We are everywhere.”