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Temple Females Seeking: Sugar Daddies? Temple ranks number 5 for most students registered on SeekingArrangement.com

Philly.com published an article that was focused on the recent activities of some Temple students, sounds like great news right? Think again.  Temple females have been soliciting themselves on SeekingArrangement.com, a website that connects older men seeking younger women and vice versa.

            The young women who advertise themselves on this site are paid to go out with older men, sometimes just on dates but more often than not, the men expect more than a dinner date and a little hand-holding.

            Although this idea may not sound too bad if you’re just hanging out with a man and receiving between $1,000 – $20,000 for one night, but how does this look in the greater scheme of things.

            If you ask me, this looks like an escort system that could be harmless, but could potentially put someone in an uncomfortable situation. If you read a blog from Barstoolsports.com, your opinions might be a little stronger as they bash these girls.

            “Temple sluts are out there on the internet slutting it up for all to see — and for what? A couple well-connected friends and a paid Sallie Mae bill?” one commenter lashed on Barstoolsports.com.  Comments such as this make not only the girls on the website look promiscuous, but potentially tarnishes the name of all Temple females. 

            The headline on both Philly.com’s articles and Barstoolsports.com draw in attention by pointing out that these girls are Temple students.  To me, this gives people a false impression about what us Temple females are all about.

            As a female student, I could say these girls are “business-minded,” although I myself wouldn’t consider this method of money making.  Regardless, it’s actions like this that give college girls their “wild” appearances. What do you think?

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