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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Temple chapter.

Sunglasses are always a key accessory! Making a fashion statement with sunglasses is in style and can be fun and flashy. They can make any outfit fun, add some color and give a little extra to an outfit. As we are beginning to get a touch of sun, the shades are always important! While they protect your eyes, they are also a fashion must-have. Sunglasses are always evolving in shapes and styles, which can make a fun statement. Sunglasses can be the missing piece in many outfits, and are an exciting way to show your personality. Here are some of my favorite styles and brands that you might want to try this summer!

#1 Classics, Aviators and Browline: 

These are some of the styles that have always been adapting with the times. These styles can be worn with a lot of outfits and will keep you looking sharp and trendy. While they are seen mostly in black and brown colors, they also vary in mirrored lenses, which are really popular right now. These are probably your most important pair if you wear sunglasses regularly!

#2 Squared and Rectangle Frames: 

Square and rectangle frames are the most trending sunglasses today. They have the vintage look that everyone is looking for and just look cool. The lenses in this style vary, which makes them different and allows you to find your favorite type from so many options. 

#3 Skinny Frames: 

While they don’t protect your eyes much, skinny frames are very in. They are trendy, come in so many different colors, and can make any look sharp. Skinny frames are seen in the high fashion world more and more, and are definitely worth considering if you want your sunglasses to be in style! 

#4 Colored Frames and Lenses: 

If your outfit is lacking color, sunglasses can be just the thing to add the extra pop. A lot of neutral and earth tones are in, but bright colors are definitely making a comeback as well. Color doesn’t just have to be in the frame; tinted lenses are also making a big appearance and can be a very cool addition.

#5 Round Frame: 

A round frame is definitely one of the trendiest looks, and can let you achieve that fun, casual 70’s look! They embody coolness and can almost make you feel like a character out of a throwback film. It’s definitely a fun style to play around with!

#6 Oversized: 

This style definitely makes you stand out and can even add a little more mystery to your look! The oversized look can be very fashionable, and it is a very chic addition to your sunglasses collection. They make you look flirty, fun, and a little posh!

#7 Cat Eyes: 

Cat eyes are a very femine look and are certainly a tease in the sunglasses world. They will definitely make you feel fancy and add a little bit of an edge to your look. They always set you apart from the crowd and can stir some attention your way. It’s a confident statement that is a great way to show off your personality! 

Some of my favorite places to buy sunglasses:

  • Urban Outfitters

  • Free People

  • Amazon

  • Sunglass Hut

  • H&M

Want to add a little flare to your outfit? Sunglasses are almost always what is missing! They are a great way to express who you are and create a whole different mood for your outfits! Finding the right match is so much fun and can add a twist to your wardrobe. The right pair can make you feel like you’re going on vacation, or just allow you to feel cool wherever you are strutting this summer. Although the vintage look is taking the fashion world by storm, classic sunglasses will always be trendy (since when have Ray-Bans not been in?) Starting your sunglasses collection could be just what you need! Time to get shady!!

Alice is a staff writer for HerCampus at Temple University. She is an advertising major, has an adventurous soul, and is always up for exploration. The fashion world excites her and she has a huge passion for traveling. She loves meeting new people and is always looking to embrace new cultures. Alice wears her heart on her sleeve, dives into new things headfirst with a smile so don't hesitate to reach out especially if you want to talk fashion!
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