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#StudentShoutout: Meghan Hill

I will never forget one of the first things I ever heard Meg Hill say to another Owl Team leader at the campus Qdoba during orientation, “So, what is your opinion on political theory? I’m a Republican, so I’m really interested in your point of view.” Meg didn’t say this rudely; she genuinely wanted to know and discuss the views of someone different from herself. Meg was inquisitive, talkative, and incredibly understanding, something you could tell from just a very brief meeting with her (along with the fact that she is certainly a Delco girl, indicative from her loud and fast-paced voice). This made her easy to spot on campus when I arrived as a freshman that fall. I knew that I had to have picked the right sorority if the Meg Hill was a sister. Meg has a magnetic personality that makes you want to be brunch buddies with her every Sunday morning, but she is so busy and active around campus that you don’t know if you’ll even make it into her booming, hectic schedule. Thankfully, she was able to squeeze me in and I was fortunate enough to interview her for a quick #StudentShoutout because as I said before, she is the Meg Hill after all.


Major: Strategic Communications with a Public Relations concentration

Hometown: Glenolden, Delaware County, Pennsylvania

Organizations Involved in at Temple: Alpha Xi Delta Fraternity, President of Temple University Panhellenic Association (2016), Temple Student Government, Empower TU TSG campaign, Student Alumni Association, Owl Team (2015-2016) , Student Coordinator for Owl Team, Social Media Intern for Senior Vice Provost of Undergraduate Studies, Works in the Office of Orientation.

Accomplishments: 2016 Sorority Woman of the Year for revamping Panhel and bringing the philanthropy Circle of Sisterhood to campus, helped to win Empower TU’s TSG campaign.

On her college experience: Meghan, like most incoming freshmen, was nervous coming into college and was not sure how to get involved because she had attended Catholic school, where the setting was much smaller. However, she ended up being successful and grateful because she met so many people who helped her decide what to do with her life (i.e., mentors, students, and advisors). She says, “I was able to build relationships with them so that I have them if I need anything and applying to graduate schools”.

Where Meg sees herself in five years: Like most ambitious undergrads, Meg hopes to attend graduate school after Temple, hopefully Florida State University where she would like to go for higher education administration. Although FSU is on her mind, Meg is open to anywhere with a great program. She hopes to work in orientation, leadership or the Dean’s office. Her long term goal is to be Dean of Students like Dean Ives. “I am fortunate to have an education and I want to help other students find out what they’re good at and what they want to do,” says Meg.

Why Meg wants to work with students: “I have gained so much from my experience at Temple. If you asked me where I would be ten years ago, this would not be it. But as my mentors and bosses have helped me, I want to give people what I had and to encourage people to get an education who think that they cannot do it.”

When Meg realized she wanted to work in higher education: “After my first year on Owl Team, it hit me like, “Holy crap, I am good at this and I love this”. So then it was like, “Alright Meg, I think you know what you wanna do so go do it.’”

What inspires Meg: “I’m inspired by my parents, my little sisters, I want to be the best person I can be. I was raised in a way that my parents gave me so much and so many opportunities and provided everything for me.” Meg wishes to do what Dean Ives does because she is fortunate to have an education and says, “I want to help other students find out what they’re good at and what they want to do”.

On Owl Team: “I was on two amazing Owl Teams that are so amazing and unique and I am so proud of everyone I have met through Owl Team, and I am proud of who I have become as well.”

Fun fact: “I was an extra in the Rocky movie, but I haven’t seen the Rocky movie.”

Favorite Brunch munch: Everything bagel with cream cheese and a coffee.

We will surely be seeing more of Meg in the future, but probably next time she will be Dean Hill.


Yaz is a current sophomore at Temple University, where she is pursuing a degree in Political Science with a double minor in French and Spanish. She is a member of Alpha Xi Delta Fraternity, as well. When Yaz is not writing or re-watching Parks and Rec, she is filling up on the latest political news around the world or attempting to learn a new language.
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