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Spring Calls for a New Dorm…Kinda.

If you started in the fall, you’ve been in your college dorm for about 4.5 months. You’ve walked into your space lots of times, admiring the decor that you set up on that hot summer day not too long ago. But now that the holidays are over and spring is finally here, you might be wishing that you had a little change of scenery. Everyone gets bored with their room at some point, which is why you can find fun and easy ideas to change up and add to your room for a new look.

1. Try making a DIY neon sign

These are all the rage right now. You can get neon wire in whatever color you want, and wrap it into whatever word best fits your style.

What you need:

  • EL wire- I love the clear. You can find it here on Amazon!
  • ​Hot glue
  • Pliers 
  • String

All you need to do is draw the word you chose in cursive, because the letters have to be connected. Lay your string and trace the letters, then measure the string once you have it all layered, and then make sure you have that amount of EL wire. Then, bend the wire into the letter shape. Then, take your EL wire and glue it onto your metal wire. This is a super cute idea to show your personality and what is important to you.

2. Hang up new wall art

One way to really make your room look next to new is wall art. Try going to Target, Homegoods, or TJ Maxx to find some nice mirrors and artwork to hang on your wall. In my dorm room, I bought 3 circular mirrors and hung them up, then placed my lights around them. You can find something similar to what I have here. Mirrors add dimension to rooms and can make them look bigger.

3. Add some desk decorations

Two of my absolute FAVORITE things are marble and greenery. I’d love to tell you that I have living plants in my room that I water and take care of everyday, but the truth is that almost no college student has time for that… SO I opt for the easy way and buy fake plants from TJ Maxx and Target. I love accenting my desk with marble, gold, and greenery.

4. Rearrange!

My last tip is to rearrange. Take a few things from your bedside wall, and hang them in front of your desk instead. Use the same things, but move them around. You will still get a sense of refreshment from the ‘remodel.’ This way, you don’t have to spend a dime.


I hope that these tips help you to create a new and improved space for you, so that you can enjoy your room just as much as when you got here. Happy spring!

––Alexandra Butz


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