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With the stress of midterms out of the way and sunnier days ahead, it is the perfect time to start watching some new shows and movies in your free time! Whether you need time away from all things academic, you need something to throw on with your significant other, or you are having a girls’ night in, a good show or movie can definitely be an option. Here is my list of the top shows and movies that you need to watch right now!

The Circle

I have been obsessed with this new reality series on Netflix that just dropped on New Year’s Day! Here is how the show works: there are a number of contestants that live in the same apartment complex, and communicate solely through a voice-activated social media platform called The Circle. The catch is that these players do not bond with one another face-to-face, as all of the communication is exclusively through this platform after they create their online profiles. The goal is to become the most popular player in The Circle through ratings from other contestants, whether that means you are being genuine, or you are catfishing to get to the top. The most popular player gets to take home a sweet prize of $100,000. Sign me up, am I right?! This is definitely something you need to add to your watch list ASAP!

Love is Blind

If The Circle seems interesting to you, then this show on Netflix might be another one you want to add to your watch list! This reality series features thirty single people who enter the show in hopes of finding a spouse. Similarly to The Circle, each person meets another in a pod where they are unable to see each other, but can only talk to one another. This essentially works in a speed dating style for ten days to find the right one, and when the men feel a true connection, they are able to finally propose to the woman in person. The goal is to create an emotional connection without a physical one, and the series surely shows how interesting this can be.

I Am Not Okay With This

This newly released comedy-drama series on Netflix is a show that I cannot recommend enough. Basically, picture a coming-of-age show that focuses on the confusing, embarrassing, and challenging aspects of adolescence. We can all relate to this, right? Now, picture a teenage girl going through this transition while also having to deal with having superpowers at the same time. This show tackles real-life issues while incorporating an interesting, supernatural twist at the same time.

Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey

This action film is all about female empowerment featuring an all-female team fighting against crime. After Harley Quinn’s breakup with the Joker, she is a target with no protection from her ex. Instead, she joins an alliance with three women, Black Canary, Batgirl, and Huntress to fight against the crime bosses in the movie. Even if superhero movies are not for you, I would certainly recommend giving this one a shot!

The Invisible Man

This mystery film will have you on the edge of your seat the entire time! The movie focuses on the aftermath of a staged suicide of a manipulative, scientist boyfriend. However, his ex-girlfriend discovers that the scientist manages to become invisible in order to stalk her. Since the police does not believe her allegation, the ex-girlfriend fights back on her own to protect herself. It is so twisted that you just have to watch it!

It is so important to take time away from the stressful parts of life and be able to destress. A great way to do this is to lay down, relax, and put on a good show or movie. This must-watch list is perfect for eliminating you saying “I don’t know what to watch!” Alright owls, pick your poison and enjoy!

Kayla is currently a Communication Studies major at Temple University who enjoys writing to spread awareness and positivity.
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