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Songs to Listen to in the Spring Months

Being stuck inside day after day, I find music to be the best thing to help get a head start into that summertime mentality. If you find yourself lusting over idea of nice weather & spending time with friends, then here are some recommendations based on what songs I have been currently obsessing over.  

“Dancy, Baby!” by Boy Pablo  

This one is an essential drive-down-to-the-beach song! I can easily find myself being transported to a sunny beachtown whenever I listen to this song — and isn’t that where we would all rather be right now. It’s the perfect song to sing along to with your friends and brings the happiest of vibes with it — I know I can’t wait for the days that we’ll be able to do that again!

“All That and More (Sailboat)” by Rainbow Kitten Surprise 

Need a chill beach song? This is it. I’m in love with the relaxed vibe that this song exudes, along with the fact that it’s without a doubt the song to wind down to after a day of laying in the sun.  

“Lazy” by Surfaces 

The band Surfaces are pretty notorious at this point for creating electric and optimistic tunes for all to enjoy, but their brand new song “Lazy,” off of their newest album “Horizons,” is worth an additional listen for sure.  

“Sunflower” by Rex Orange County 

This one is a given, but if you have never heard this song before, then it is worth listing! Arguably it could be one of the most chill, yet fun, beach songs out there. It is jam-packed with everything that you could possibly love about beachy-type music, all infused into one single song.  

“Home” by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros 

I love this song because of how light it is. From the beginning till the end, the optimism that the song ultimately provides never wavers. It is one of those rare songs that can turn your mood from sour to sweet in a heartbeat.  

I hope that these tunes can distract you from the uneasiness we’re all feeling at the moment & get you ready for happier days ahead!




Lauren is a sophomore journalism major at Temple University.