Soaking up Springtime: The Owl-Fashioned Way

Spring is finally approaching and overall the weather is starting to get warmer. The students at Temple took advantage of the surprising yet beautiful weather by hanging out at Beury Beach. Although it’s a great spot to be at, sometimes the place can get too crowded. Why wait around to find a spot to hang when there’s tons of other things to do or places to go around campus for similar enjoyment?  

  1. Chill at Narnia.

This spot is right behind the beach but if you want a smaller place to relax with friends.

  1. Head to Kelly Drive.

Along this long path you can walk, run, bike or relax by the river. Fairmount Park, the Museum of Art and Boathouse row are all right along the area.

  1. Explore Fairmount Park.

This place is absolutely beautiful when the leaves come in and it’s a great spot for doing just about anything. This includes running, sightseeing, biking, walking your pet or photographing the scenery.

  1. Dine Out in Center City.

There are a ton of outdoor restaurants where you can soak in some sun while digging in on some tasty food.

  1. Have a Bite of a Frosty Treat.

Usually around the Student Center there’s a man who sells water ice, while by the Bell Tower the ice-cream man hangs out.

  1. Lay Out on the Roof.

If you can get access, some of the buildings at Temple provide a great view of the city and a great spot to tan.

  1. Spend the day at Penn’s Landing.

This spot isn’t far from Old City and they always have something going on.

  1. Check out South Street’s Unique Shops.

Center City has great stores but sometimes they’re stuff can be a bit expensive. South Street has just as many pretty clothing stores with cheaper prices.