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Riverdale Returns For Another Mysterious Season

Archie, Betty, Jughead, and Veronica are all back and ready to figure out yet another mystery in Riverdale.

(If you haven’t seen season one, or the season two premiere, watch out for SPOILERS ahead!)

The finale of season one left viewers shocked when Archie’s dad, Fred Andrews, was shot by a mystery man at the local diner, Pop’s. After months of waiting, fans finally received some answers as to what happened on that eventful night.

Season two, which premiered on October 11th, begins with Archie rushing his dad to the hospital, and calling his friends to tell them the situation. Tons of characters from last season arrive at the hospital to see if Fred Andrews is doing all right.

Veronica, trying to be the perfect girlfriend, stays by Archie’s side through all the devastation, and even hops in the shower with the hunky redhead to help him “de-stress.”

Betty shows concern for her best friend’s father’s attempted murder, but is also concerned about Jughead and the Serpents. Betty doesn’t want her beloved boyfriend to get involved with these types of people, but she still tries to be supportive and accepting.

Jughead brings back his weird but humorous personality in the season two premiere. It seems like the Serpents are willing to do anything for him, but is this so-called power a good or bad thing?

There are high expectations for the show as it continues, and the season opener didn’t disappoint.

Although there were dramatic and intense situations throughout the episode, the end of the episode was especially shocking.

The last scene shows the manipulative music teacher from last season, Ms. Grundy, teaching (and kissing) yet another young music student. At first, the scene seems normal, but as fans, we soon start to wonder why the character is being shown on screen, however, it’s not long before our question is answered.

A mysterious person in a black ski mask (much like the one who shot Fred Andrews) comes up behind the teacher and slits her throat, killing her quickly. It’s at this point that it becomes clear the plot of this story is about this unknown person in the ski mask.

The ending of the first episode reassured fans why they love this show. There was drama, love, humor, tragedy, and of course, mystery.

With such a suspenseful premiere, Riverdale has let fans know that this season should be very, very interesting.

Catch Riverdale every Wednesday at 8 p.m. on the CW, or stream it on Netflix the morning after the episode is released on TV.

Lisa Cunningham is currently a sophomore Journalism major at Temple University. When she is not listening to music, living it up at a concert or hanging with friends, Cunningham loves to write about all things relate to pop culture!
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