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Rihanna and Chris Brown Collaborate

Within the last week, there have been two newly released song remixes that include both Rihanna and Chris Brown. And no, it is not 2008. It is indeed 2012, a mere 3 years after the violent altercation between Rihanna and Chris Brown that started a media firestorm.

The two artists collaborated on each other’s tracks, with Chris Brown adding a verse to Rihanna’s highly sexualized number “Birthday Cake” and Rihanna lending her voice to Brown’s dance hit “Turn Up the Music.”  As anyone could expect, the release of the new songs resulted in an uproar, an anger probably intensified by Chris Brown’s recent Grammy performance and win.

Some people are accusing Rihanna of sending out the wrong message by working with her former abuser while others point the finger at Chris Brown for not staying away. There are even rumors that the two could be secretly dating again.

Regardless of the public opinion, people wait with anticipation to see what will unfold next between the two musical artists. 

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