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Review of Lindsay Lohan’s New Film “Falling for Christmas”

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Temple chapter.

 I watched this year’s newest holiday rom-com!

This holiday season’s newest film is “Falling for Christmas” and it gives 2000s kids the gift of Lindsay Lohan. Her first film in almost 15 years was released on November 10th on Netflix. Lohan stars as a Paris Hilton-type rich girl, Sierra; she’s stuck-up, engaged in a loveless potential PR relationship, and in need of a rude awakening. After a miracle skiing accident, she is rescued by Jake– played by Glee’s Chord Overstreet– a kind, selfless, family man. It’s the perfect opposites-attract story. 

This film does something that the traditional Hallmark Christmas movie fails to do– it’s updated, and modern. It pokes fun at influencer culture. The events of the film would not have happened without the mishaps of a glowing Instagram profile. It then turns to a simple life, not too unlike Hilton in the mid-2000s. And while it might come off as being dismissive of the Internet the same way your grandparents are, “Falling for Christmas” is a good movie because of its ease. The movie isn’t too long or ambiguous, so it’ll fit in perfectly with your winter break plans. 

It follows a standard formula that holiday romantic comedies follow. But this one is unique because it features two stars from many of our childhoods. This movie shows a more wholesome side of Lohan, but she still feels genuine in it. Her talent never disappeared during her break from acting. It’s a smooth introduction. Holiday films have a way of transporting us into a sweet, dream world. “Falling for Christmas” does this well. It might not be relatable but watching this film will give you a goofy smile. 

If you like cheesy rom-coms you’ll love this film. But, for those who stay away from them, this movie will give you the overly sweet feeling of eating too much candy as a kid during the holidays. Overall, I’d say this was a cute movie and worth a watch on a relaxing evening that can happen whenever you want. 

Jeanne Burge

Temple '24

Jeanne is a sophomore Journalism major at Temple University. She is from Wallingford, PA.