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Red Flags for Girls Who Are Otherwise Colorblind

Dating has become a superficial game of skimming a profile and deciding within, like, two seconds whether someone is the love of your life. I’m not complaining though, we’re busy college students and have no time to waste! To make the whole process even more efficient, here’s a compilation of Tinder red flags for weeding out the toxic men that you do not need around and are not worth your time.

He feels the need to proclaim what a nice guy he is

Hi, news flash: if you’re a nice guy then you don’t need to tell everyone how nice you are. If he has to say it, then he’s clearly looking for someone to validate his  basic decency. Most of the time,too, these guys expect something in return for it. He’s probably also a “Not All Men” devil’s advocate — so you don’t need that energy in your life.

All of his pictures are group pictures

You should not be trying to find which one John is in a lineup of boys who all look exactly the same. It’s like a Where’s Waldo treasure hunt game you’d rather not be playing. Get a man who’s confident enough to take a damn selfie. 

Gun in the picture.

Just no. 


A MAGA hat.

Also no.

Has a girl with “this could be you” covering her face next to him

He’s objectifying you as an accessory and probably won’t even save your name in his phone before ghosting you for the next faceless formal date.

Obviously way older than his profile says he is

Older men are perfectly fine! But don’t be some dude’s midlife crisis. Be with a man who’s self-aware enough to know that hooking up with someone half his age won’t make him any younger.

His only photo (yes, singular) is a shirtless mirror picture. No bio.

His first message to you will be some variation of “wanna f*ck?” The sex will last 30 seconds. Don’t do it. 

Fishing pictures

Nothing toxic here, but, like, do you really want to date someone who fishes for fun? 

Jj Park

Temple '23

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