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Recipe for the Perfect Dating Profile

Fall is here, yet soon enough the amber-color leaves will turn crisp and it will be cold, meaning the next season is approaching. And I’m not talking about winter– it’s cuffing season.

 And what better way to prepare yourself for cuffing season than to spruce up your dating profile? This article is for singles as I will be sharing my recipe for the perfect dating profile so that you can score yourself a date before cuffing season. 

Step 1: Start with a heaping cup of  personality 

Show yourself off! Your profile should mainly be about you and your personality. You can accomplish this in multiple ways: adding a funny bio, sending a quirky first message, sneaking in a funny picture, etc. The options are endless. It’s important to showcase your personality as much as you can so potential partners know exactly who they’ll be getting up front, making everything less awkward in the long run (believe me). 

Step 2: Add a pinch of group photos 

The worst thing is when you come across a dating profile and the first picture is a group photo. How are you supposed to know who your potential bae even is? That being said, incorporating at least one photo of yourself and your friends is good practice as it shows that you are social. The important thing to remember, however, is the location of the group photo is crucial.  Don’t make it the first– move it to the third or fourth spot, so the person looking at your profile can actually tell you apart from others. 

Step 3: Add a dash of music 

To me, music is extremely important. Knowing someone’s music taste can be pretty intimate. Dating apps like Tinder and Bumble allow you to sync your Spotify account to show people some of your top artists. Personally, I only have about half of my top artists visible to potential matches– this gives them enough to go off of but still leaves them wanting more.  Remember that talking about music is a great way to start a conversation, and you aren’t limited to just what the app shows.  

Step 4: Top it all off with photos of your best self 

Find 4 or 5 pictures you feel confident in and add them to your account. It’s important to have a variety of photographs without overloading your profile, since no one wants to be scrolling forever. Only add pictures you feel really good about as this will show your authentic self. If you think you look and feel good, I know you look great. 

With this recipe, you’ll be whipping up a great dating profile in no time. Share this article with your friends to help them get ready for cuffing season too. And, most importantly, happy swiping!

Autumn is currently studying Media Studies & Production who enjoys hanging out with friends as much as the next girl.
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