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Questions girls want to know about guys

 Do you ever find yourself wondering what a guy is actually thinking?

As girls, we overthink every situation possible when it comes down to guys. We wonder why they ghost us, if they are talking to other girls, and if they are thinking the same things as we are. I wanted to really understand how guys think, and what their opinions are on certain topics that some girls would want to know. I sat down with four different guys and got their answers on the questions that some girls might want to have honest answers on. 

Do you mind if your girlfriend has a lot of guy friends?

Joe: “Depending on how she met them. If they were newer friends then I would be a little sus, but if they’re older friends I wouldn’t care.” 

Louise: “I wouldn’t care but if they were newer I’d want to feel them out. If they were her friends from home then I wouldn’t care.” 

Ryan: “I would like to get to know them first. But if it’s friends she had for a while then I don’t mind.”

Peter: “Depends, I would wanna catch the vibe from the guys.” 

Do you guys actually care about a girl’s body count? 

Joe: “No I don’t care. There would be a double standard.”

Louise: “If we’re hooking up continually, then yeah I’d care. I wonder where I’m at on the roster. 

Ryan: “I would wanna know the backstory, I’d take the physiological route.” 

Peter: “No. I mean if it’s over a certain amount then maybe. Like 30-40 gets a little sus.”

Do you like it when a girl makes the first move? 

Joe: “I would have to do less work, so yeah.” 

Louise: “Yes. There’s a stigma that all guys have to make the first move. She shows interest.”

Ryan: “Yeah!” 

Peter: “Yeah, I think that’s cool. I don’t mind it.” 

Why arent guys more in touch with their feelings?

Joe: “I just don’t feel like talking. I just don’t care enough to share my feelings.” 

Louise: “Ego. A guy doesn’t wanna be soft.”  

Ryan: “Depends on the situation and who it is. I have a lot of super deep conversations with my close friends. But I wouldn’t with someone I hardly know.” 

Peter: “I think it depends how you grow up. The most my parents asked me was ‘how was your day’. A lot of American families aren’t intimate all the time. Guys don’t have a lot of experience with tough conversations. I also think guys are more logical than emotional.” 

What’s the most attractive thing about a girl?

Joe: “Independent.” 

Louise: “Uhhhh…maturity. Also, having her stuff together” 

Ryan: “Work ethic and independent.” 

Peter: “Confidence, intelligence, non high maintenance, selflessness.”

Should guys always pay on a first date?

Joe: “No, unless they’re trying to increase their chances of going home with them afterwards.” 

Louise: Yes. 

Ryan: “Should always at least to attempt to pay.” 

Peter: “Depends….if it isn’t going well then ima split it.” 

Have you ever ghosted someone?

Joe: “Yes when I was younger. I wouldn’t do that now though. I’ve grown since then.” 

Louise: “No….but I’ve been ghosted plenty of times.” 

Ryan: “No. I wouldn’t do that to someone personally.” 

Peter: “Yeah, it sometimes just happens.” 

Biggest turn off for guys? 

Joe: “People pleaser, especially on social media, also someone who acts dumb on purpose to get attention.”

Louise: “Arrogance and immaturity, high maintenance.” 

Ryan: “A girl who isn’t real and has no ambitions.” 

Peter: “Too needy and insecure.” 

Do guys overthink when it comes to someone they like?

Joe: “Yes.” 

Louise: “Yes, I’m a Pisces.” 

Ryan: “Yes, of course.” 

Peter: “I do in the early part of liking a girl. I see if she checked my IG stories or if she’s also seeing other people. But when I actually get to know and get closer with her then I don’t anymore.” 

Do guys usually prefer makeup or no makeup on a girl? 

Joe: “No makeup. They can if they want to though.” 

Louise: “It just can’t be caked on.” 

Ryan: “Everyday no makeup, going out then casual makeup.”

Peter: “No makeup, if we’re going out then yeah I don’t care.” 

Every guy encounters a situation differently. But my honest opinion would be to just communicate with your partner if you ever really want to know certain answers to a question. Asking doesn’t hurt, and the worst thing that could happen is they simply just don’t want to talk about it, and if that is the case, then maybe it’s time to move onto someone who won’t be afraid to be open and honest with you! Don’t allow one person to dictate your thoughts, you never know what they could be thinking too!

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