Profile: Toni Sichel

For most college students, the thought of graduating in the near future can be overwhelming. However, dedicated students like Toni Sichel lead the way and refuse to let anything get in the way of their dreams.

Sichel, a junior at Temple University, has quite the over-load of responsibilities and requirements, but with her confident and committed personality, she strives to be the best at everything she does.

For an advertising major that’s only been at Temple for two years, Sichel has made herself quite at home with her involvement as being an Owl Team Leader.  Sichel recognized that Temple has done so much for her, and she strives to ensure that incoming freshmen feel the same way.

She became a peer instructor in 2015 for the freshman seminar class within the College of Liberal Arts. Her job includes mentoring first year students, advising them on course selection, and assisting professors in daily tasks.

She describes her experience as two magical years that made her into the person she is today.

“I am a more confident leader, a more driven and motivated student, and overall, a stronger individual”, said Sichel.

Her experience as an Owl Team Leader has had an enormous impact on her other involvements--on and off campus.

Sichel serves as the Vice President of Membership Development for her sorority Delta Phi Epsilon, a position in which she works with active sisters and alumni in various forms of actives and engagement.

Other on-campus involvement includes being a student worker in the Office of Orientation and New Student Programs, account director at Allotrope, being the “campus outreach” member of Victoria’s Secret PINK campus team, and being a member of TAC-Temple Advertising Club. 

Despite having two years to go, Sichel has a good prediction of what the world of advertising will bring her. She loves the field and loves how it gives a platform to inspire others. 

“I always said, whatever I do in life I just want to make an impact on other people, and this field gives me the opportunity to do that” said Sichel.

Sichel wants more than the "9-5 desk job," and she also likes how the field is creative, fun, and different everyday.

She sees herself working in center city with a team of creative and talented individuals creating mind-blowing, fantastic advertisements. She possibly sees herself branching out to New York afterword but for now she wants to stay a part of the City of Brotherly Love.

Other activities include her participation in the Timberland Brand Ambassador program, and being part of the Philly Ad Club and the PHIMA-Philadelphia Interactive Marking Association.  

In the past, Sichel had an internship College Fashionista and was a style guru that wrote weekly/monthly posts about the latest fashion trends on campus.

She recently joined TBA but she still does a lot with promoting the brand and generating foot traffic into the Timberland store.

When she isn’t too focused on her internships or major, Sichel likes to give some advice to young women on balancing school, work, career, social life, and extra curricular activities.

Her three biggest tips include:

  1. Your health comes first.
  2. Get involved with things you’re interested in.
  3. Surround yourself with the right people.

Sichel can’t stress enough the importance of making sure you get enough sleep, and eat and drink right. She also tells students to get involved with internships with attractive companies and get involved with clubs that share your interest. 

She’s thankful that despite her heavy over-load, she has friends who are like a backbone to pick her up and dust her off after a rough day.  

However, she couldn’t be more proud to be apart of Temple University and engage in everything it has to offer her.

“My experience at Temple has been a mind-opening journey of self-discovery, complete with passion, bond building, and caffeine”, said Sichel.