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Profile: Stacy DiCandilo

A Moment of Magic is a national nonprofit that strives to make ill children’s dreams come true by dressing as different movie and TV characters during hospital visits.

But that’s not all this org does -- A Moment of Magic is known for providing international hotline calls, helping out at 5k runs and other hospital events. Lucky for Temple University students, a chapter of A Moment of Magic is here on campus, and Vice President Stacy DiCandilo told us all about the amazing organization.

Her Campus: What made you want to get involved?

Dicandilo: I had read up about A Moment of Magic last fall and fell in love with everything it stood for. Being brave, strong and fearless in light of situations that many of these children are experiencing is such a strong and positive message. I wanted to help children remember how special and important they all are and this organization does just that. So, when I had seen that a chapter had just been accepted at Temple and applications for an executive board were open, I knew that this was something that I needed to be a part of. It’s been history ever since!

Her Campus: What does portraying Mary Poppins mean to you?

Dicandilo: Being Mary Poppins means the absolute world to me. Getting casted as Mary in the summer was a pleasant surprise, and she has been an absolute pleasure to portray on every visit! Though not a princess or superhero, Mary Poppins is known for having some magic up her sleeve. Being able to use that magic through all the visits we go on is absolutely a blast, and I love getting to work on her character more each visit we go on. I genuinely can’t imagine being anyone else! She has this prim and proper spunk to her that is so unique, and getting to portray that to all the children we meet is an exciting challenge.

Her Campus: What is it like being Vice Prez / what are some of your responsibilities?

DiCandilo: I take a lot of pride being Vice President, watching this program grow has been such a pleasure. But our President, Stephanie, deserves all the credit and accolades in the world for bringing this chapter to Temple… As Vice President, I don't have super set responsibilities like the other positions do, but I get to help make the organization the best it can be, and be Stephanie's, right hand (wo)man. This semester specifically, I got to put together the Constitution and application to become a Temple Student Org which was a challenging but rewarding experience. I also write grants for our chapter to receive funding from, and send press emails to help share with the world all the amazing things Moment of Magic has to offer!

Her Campus: What has been the most rewarding thing about the program, thus far?

DiCandilo: There is nothing more special than seeing a child’s face light up when the characters walk into a room. Not only that, but getting the chance to interact with the kids, whether it’s through a conversation, a dance battle, playing a game, or even just a quick high give, makes every visit more than worth it. Hearing a child say they love and appreciate you, hearing them say that they can’t believe you’re there, and just seeing their smiles from ear to ear, there is not an adequate feeling that can describe how it makes you feel. And even though they’re talking about the character you’re portraying, you get the privilege of bringing that child joy when things may not be so joyful for them. In the end, what makes A Moment of Magic so rewarding is seeing a child smile, giggle, or just been genuinely happy. It’s about seeing the children recognize their bravery, strength and fearlessness.

If you want to find out more about A Moment of Magic or are interested in becoming a general body member, reach out on any social media or email them at amom.temple@gmail.com.

  • Instagram: @amomentofmagictempleu
  • Twitter: @amom_templeu
  • Facebook: A Moment of Magic Temple University
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