Profile: Rachael Choplick, President of Temple’s Singchronize Female A Cappella Group

What comes to mind when you think of a cappella? Whatever it may be, I hope we can all agree that the electrifying spirit a cappella groups encompass is enchanting.

With Temple’s Singchronize, an all-female A Capella group, this energy is only a part of what makes them so special. Singchronize President Rachael Choplick was able to give us a closer look into what the group is all about.

Rachael Choplick is a senior majoring in music education with a voice concentration. She first developed an interest in Singchronize during her freshman year of college through Templefest.

Although she had no a cappella experience prior to joining the group, it was after attending one of their concerts that she felt the message, and what they stand for grabbed her attention. In the spring of 2015, she joined Singchronize.

“I have always done choir in elementary school and high school and did musicals. The presence of the group just spoke to me,” Choplick said.

As the president, Choplick’s responsibilites include managing the logistics of the group as well as making sure there is a solid music plan. It is with her efforts combined with the work from the rest of the members of the e-board that ensure each semester is one to remember.

The campus’s only female-identifying a cappella group has accomplished so many achievements since they first started in 2002. They’ve had numerous amounts of performances both on and off campus, released an album as well as an EP which can be found on Spotify and iTunes, and even performed privately at the White House for President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama back in 2014.

“One gig that we did a few years ago that I really enjoyed was at the Philadelphia Flower Show. We also sang with the University of Delaware YChromes last semester,” Choplick said.

To describe their sound, the genre of music Singchronize primarily sings is pop. Some music artists they have covered include Lady Gaga, Kelly Clarkson, Beyoncé, and more. In addition to that, they enjoy adding throwback songs into the mix as well.

“We really want to make sure the music we sing is diverse and that we, of course, enjoy singing it,” she said.

Along with numerous amounts of performances throughout the year, Singchronize also takes pride in giving back to the community.

On Jan. 27th, Singchronize will be hosting a benefit showcase in order to raise money for a private high school located in Philadelphia’s Kensington area. In the past, they’ve done work to support the Children’s Heart Foundation.

Even though the spring semester just started, Singchronize already has a ton of exciting plans in store, including incorporating new methods of choreography and formations into their performances.

“I’m really excited for our female empowerment concert that we are having and feminine product drive. I’m also looking forward to the new way we are doing choreography. It makes us know our music better and pushes us even more,” Choplick said.

Aside from just the music and powerful work ethic of Singchronize, above all, the bond that the members have cannot be overlooked. The group is indeed a sisterhood and provides a space for each member to empower and lift each other up.

To support this value, a big-little program was started in order for members to develop stronger relationships with their colleagues. For the graduating seniors of the group in particular, they each have a solo senior song and get a speech dedicated from another member during their final concert. Choplick will be experiencing that this year.

Although leaving will be a bittersweet moment for Choplick, the amount of growth and hard work she has witnessed through Singchronize during her time has added meaning to her experience.

“I have loved seeing how the group has changed throughout the years to accommodate the style of Singchronize. Our new members always bring something so special to the group,” Choplick said.

After graduation, Choplick hopes to use her passion for public education reform to teach either general music or chorale education in a public school.

If you are passionate about singing and have always been hesitant to join an a cappella group, your sign is right here. Here are some final words of advice from Choplick:

“I would say just take a chance and get out there and do it. Confidence is key. Just pick your favorite song and get out there. The music community here at Temple is so welcoming too,” she said.

To stay updated on Singchronize Female acappella announcements and other additional information, you can visit their website , as well as their Instagram and Facebook pages!