Profile: Gail Vivar

As a writer, there’s always that one platform where one feels the most confident and it gives us the most opportunities. For journalism major, Gail Vivar, her connections with the Tab Temple have given her many exciting moments where she feels proud to be a part of the Tab team.

Vivar, sophomore, discovered the Tab Temple when she was a freshman and started off as writer.  One of the Tab Temple writers, Morgan Kolowaski, a friend of Vivar,  gave her an interview. Ironically, Vivar was considering quitting journalism for good until she started writing for the site.

“Once I met the team of fearless writers and editors in Brooklyn who would make sure your articles are the best they can be, I just knew that I found my home.” Vivar said.

As time went on she leveled up from a social media editor to the deputy editor.

Vivar covered many different types of articles from breaking news to lifestyle articles.

One of her most exciting yet unfortunate moments was covering the mob attack on campus earlier in October. She got to interview several victims and at the moment, it was all about grabbing the facts and witnesses for an article Temple students wanted to be informed about.

“As I was writing the mob attack article, I had to be strong and just do my job as a journalist in order to give the article justice because of the victims who were attacked.” Vivar said.

Vivar feels she has gotten stronger when it comes to unsure moments and learning some of the realities of journalism.

Vivar is from Kearney, New Jersey and isn’t exactly used to the craziness Philadelphia has to offer. However, she’s always writing because it’s her favorite hobby. Smaller hobbies include singing horribly in her kitchen in University Village and hiking.

However, once she gets an alert or message from one of the Tab Temple members, Vivar races to the scene if necessary. She constantly sends ideas in one of the group chats the Tab Temple has. Not only does she want her team to stay on top, but for them to find inspiration and be able to send ideas of their own into the group.

Vivar constantly imagines the different types of dreams of the future. One of the most important passions is being able to give people a voice in her articles.  She also finds herself writing in cafes.

“Hopefully I’ll be a mini Carrie Bradshaw in NYC with my Sex and the City gang.” Vivar said.