Profile: Colin Camerota

To some people, art is viewed as a simple activity that comes from boredom or procrastination. To others, like Colin Camerota, art is viewed as a dedicated lifestyle that requires patience, growth and love. 

Camerota, a sophomore at Temple University, always had an interest in drawing and decided to pursue some type of career with art when he reached high school. Since he started drawing at a young age, he developed a special talent with his drawings and yearned to explore different types of art fields. 

Camerota majors in Visual Studies at the Tyler School of Art and can see himself working there after he graduates. Being surrounded with Tyler students would be a fun job to him, whether he is working the front desk or helping out students. 

Of course since he is taking a couple different art courses, the ideal job is still up for grabs. 

One of his classes, Glass Blowing, already has him invested. Although the class isn’t easy, he enjoys every step of learning this new skill. He’s made a couple cute, miniature glass pumpkins with little bubbles that shine on them. 

Most of the time when Camerota isn’t hanging with friends or in class, he is working on projects in his sketchbook. He usually sketches using Pen and Ink, Micron Pens and pencil sketches. Drawing has always been his favorite medium.

“I’m often drawing different characters and people”, said Camerota. He likes to frees-hand and create from memory or imagination. 

Camerota enjoys drawing these doll-like figures. He got into the habit last year, drawing many different types of beautiful girl characters.

“One day I just got so into it I made a bunch,” Camerotasaid. The drawings appear to have a Bratz type of style to them with each girl having a funky type of style and long hair that flows nicely. 

When he finishes a drawing, he cuts them out carefully, laminates them, and puts them all together. Another favorite is drawing animals, particularly in the wildlife. 

Camerota has a bunch of sketchbooks and little pads where he keeps his collections of artwork. It reminds him to stay inspired and prepared for another successful project.