The Problem with Fast Fashion and Plus Sizes

Spring break is over, the countdown to summer has begun, and it’s time to talk about fashion.

More specifically, fast fashion and the cost of plus size clothing. The term plus size is nothing new to people, as major fashion companies are slowly starting to dip their toes into the world of sizing inclusivity. However, it’s not going at the fastest rate that it should be. Generally most companies only cater towards standard size women but unfortunately not every woman is the same size.

Why can’t clothing companies put standard items into a bigger size?

Many chains just don’t make plus size clothing and if they do its limited. For example, the store Windsor. They have plenty of cute clothes both online and in store. However, their plus line is only limited to dresses (prom and homecoming dresses at that). That’s just simply not enough when standard sizes have more variety for clothes other than a prom dress. Which means that if you want something from them, either shimmy into a large or buy online where the cost is more because of shipping.

Another issue with fast fashion is actually the cost; most places have their plus size clothing cost more than their standard sizes, which is simply unfair.

I get that fabric costs an arm and leg to manufacture and then it takes people to make it but that doesn’t mean that my flimsy t-shirt has to be nearly $20 while a standard size is at most $10. Don’t even get me started on how some plus size options aren’t even that cute. It happens way too often that the plus size version of something seems to be more grown up and less trendy.

Plus size clothing is something that still rubs some people the wrong way. Most don’t want to accept the body positive wave that’s going around as they think it’s unhealthy. Unfortunately, not everybody is completely standard size. Even girls considered ‘standard’ tend to go up a size. Even I have to alternate sizes in different stores because of different fabric and different fit.

Despite some snags, the growing plus size department has been making significant changes and that’s what I like to see. Now hopefully we can get some more plus size sustainable clothing outlets (I’m looking at you Reformation).

And don’t forget - every body is a swimsuit body.