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A Philly Girl’s Guide to Thrift Stores

Are you becoming sick of commercial shopping, or have you always been a consistent thrift store-goer? Either way, thrifting is not only a fun activity for you and your friends, but it is also economically and environmentally smart. On your next day off, head over to these thrift stores for some unique finds!

Philly AIDS Thrift

Located on South Street, Philly AIDS Thrift is a great place to start. As a non-profit business, their proceeds are distributed to local organizations that support the fight against HIV/AIDS. Not only are you supporting a great cause, but at the same time, you are sure to find something unique. Philly AIDS Thrift has everything from clothes to furniture to books to figurines. Shopping here is like going on an adventure; you never know what you’ll find.


Also on South Street, Heres2CoolStuff is an awesome thrift store run by owner, John Graves. Here, you can purchase vintage clothes as well as new pieces made by local artists. Graves also hosts events for local artists and community members. If you want to support local Philly artists, definitely check out Heres2CoolStuff!

Raxx Vintage Emporium

The Raxx Vintage Emporium is also located on South Street. This quirky shop has a tremendous selection filled with vintage items ranging from clothes to interesting personal items. Although a little more expensive than some of the other options, you will be impressed with the quality and uniqueness of the items here!

Greene Street

The last South Street location is ironically titled Greene Street. This cute store has a collection more focused on quality donations rather than vintage items. If you are seeking some modern or essential basics, Greene Street is a wonderful place to check out. Here, you can most definitely find a less expensive alternative to a basic you would buy in a commercial store. Talk about economically and environmentally friendly!

Buffalo Exchange

It was impossible to exclude Buffalo Exchange from a Philly girl’s thrift guide. Located on Chestnut Street, Buffalo Exchange is an awesome store with a huge selection. Almost all clothes, Buffalo Exchange is a great option if you are looking for a specific clothing piece as opposed to furniture or other items.

It is never too late to start thrifting! Try out these five great options to find your next favorite piece in your wardrobe!

Taylor is currently a freshman Journalism major at Temple University. Outside of school, you can find her rewatching tv shows, cooking chili, or dancing.
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