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Align with the phases of the moon to harness and control potent energy.

From the tides to the time of day, the moon has an effect on just about everything under its luminescent glow. We’ve been studying the moon and its effects for centuries. Humans have always been fascinated by the ways we and our environments are subconsciously influenced.  

There are four cycles to the moon and eight phases based on its relationship to the sun. These phases aided the creation of the Gregorian Calendar and influenced many farmers’ almanacs because of its relation to growth. In turn, each period reflects a turning of seasons and months.   

Aside from influencing our environments, we can find the most creative time of month for ourselves by referring back to the Moon phase we are born under. We can also look at the phases to see how we can bring forth purpose in life and take full advantage of the time of year. A typical cycle, new moon to new moon, is 29 days; each month we have all 8 cycles.  

The new moon phase can bring a sense of freshness and ambition because it’s the start to the moon’s cycles. Humans are encouraged to embody their “new being,” emerging from what we have gone through and healed from.  

As the phases continue the moon moves further from the sun and appears as a crescent throughout its next phase. In the same way that the moon begins to shed light through the sky, our minds and bodies should start to embrace rejuvenation. It’s the perfect time to replenish your energy levels and welcome the idea of setting intentions for the new cycle. This phase represents intentions, wishes, and desires.  

The moon then travels into the first quarter. This is one of the most identifiable moons, being a perfect half in the sky. The seeds we started to sow in the new moon phase are beginning to root. We are gaining light and halfway to a full culmination. Here we can act upon our desires and start building towards large goals.  

The gibbous moon fills another portion, almost appearing full. During this phase we can expect to feel the need to reassess. We can use this period to evaluate our expressions whether that be in communication, the way we appear in the world, or readjusting that new project. The gibbous moon gives us the opportunity to perfect things in our life that have been on our mind.  

Full moon is the next phase, where the moon is at its furthest point from the sun. At its fullest, the moon brings clarity surrounding purpose. This phase can represent action, events, and release. To use this phase to our advantage we can look to illuminate the dark and finalize what we have been working toward the past phases. Full moons are associated with fertility, abundance, and transformation.  

The disseminating moon phase begins as the moon moves closer to the sun, allowing us to accept and share the bounty from the full moon in whatever form that may be. We can prosper during this time by being open and communicative. Remaining receptive is key post-full moon phase.  

Last quarter moon represents the inner push and pull. We might find ourselves reorienting or turning away completely. The last quarter can be a great time to release anything from the full moon that might have stuck around. It’s an ideal time to revise and take responsibility.  

The moon appears in complete darkness during the balsamic moon phase. Before becoming new we must commit to where and what has been or not been accomplished. To make the best out of this time we can purify and solidify our thoughts, goals, and passions.  

The phases will circle on, influencing environments and the people within them. The sun and the moon have a complex relationship balancing the unconscious and consciousness. We can take advantage of each phase in the same way it relates to the tides, weather and growth of plants. To flow and be aware of the phases of the moon could impact our month and years for the better.  

A redhead who has a passion to persuade and create. I am Rose Mastrangelo from the Philadelphia area, a senior studying at Temple University. My current obsession is horticulture and repurposing second hand materials. I will never get tired of sunsalutions first thing in the morning. Let's grow together.