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Opinion: We Need Gun Control.

In the United States, there have been 19 school shootings in 2018 and we are only three months into the year.

School and other public areas should be a safe place. Parents should be able to send their children to school without fearing for their lives and going through tragic incidents.

Something needs to be done so this issue doesn’t happen again and the way to solve this issue is by having stricter gun control laws.

To increase safety for the citizens and our children, we must make it harder for anyone to obtain a gun. They must have a license that states that they are allowed to have guns with a background check and mental health check. No one should be able to get guns off the internet or the black market and especially without a license.

Some people have suggested that a solution to the problem is to arm teachers incase of an emergency.

Teachers having guns is not the answer. They are education professionals. Their job is to teach, help students, and make the school environment feel safe for them. Teachers having guns in school could make the school environment more unsafe and gives this fear to constantly be on the lookout.

Also hypothetically, students no matter what the age can go into the teacher’s desk and take the gun out to either play with it or use it on someone, which can cause harm to themselves and their peers. And this can happen by accident or on purpose.

Furthermore, if people want guns out of school to keep children safe, then why suggest putting guns in school again? It doesn’t make sense because why bring a weapon into a building that could turn into a threat.

This can go for any other public places in the United States, like the 2017 Los Vegas shooting, 2015 San Bernardino, 2016 Pulse Night Club, etc.

Not only are our schools unsafe in America, but other public American locations are unsafe too.

Congress must come together and talk about this problem and find the way to end it because nothing is getting solved and too many people are getting hurt.

We need gun regulations, safety precautions, and strict policies so no one can ever get harmed again and feel like something terrible is going to happen to them.

I don’t support the Second Amendment because in my opinion, I just don’t like guns and they make me feel unsafe but I’m not saying we need to take away all guns. Americans do have the right to guns due to the Constitution, so they can feel safe at home. Keywords: at home–not in school, not in an office, not in a public place.

Some Americans should be allowed to carry handguns at home but that’s it.

All these mass shootings happened because people are able to get automatic weapons without difficulty. They can also create automatic guns at home from YouTube videos or other sites that teach you how to make them.

When our Founding Fathers wrote in the constitution that citizens have the right to bear arms, the amendment was created so people can protect themselves from British soldiers.

It wasn’t meant for anyone to have access to an automatic weapon that can kill people instantly.

Therefore, they need to change this amendment and reform it because it’s outdated.

They should create a rule, where people can get one gun, once every year. But, only if they are certified to have guns. Or any other safety rule, so citizens can be protected.

Having guns control is a perfect solution and win, win situation because people can still have handguns, but other guns and maybe handguns will be harder to get. However, it’s all for something positive, which is to protect the citizens and children living in America.

I study journalism at Temple University. I’m desi and the happiest person anyone could ever meet. I love writing, reading, and dancing.
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